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Elder son is superstar, younger one is not getting work, after 3 divorces the actress is now living like this

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New Delhi. Bollywood superstar actor Shahid Kapoor has a deep connection with the film industry. The actor’s father Pankaj Kapoor and mother Neelima Azim are well-known actors of TV and films. Veteran actress Neelima Azim has expertise in writing and classical dance along with acting. He has done excellent work in many TV serials and films. On the basis of her skills, she was counted among the top actresses of that era. The personal life of this actress, who has proven her acting prowess on both the small and big screens, has been full of ups and downs.

Love knocked not once but three times in Neelima Azim’s life, but even once their relationship could not be consummated. The actress married actor Pankaj Kapoor for the first time in the year 1979. Only after two years of marriage, she gave birth to their son Shahid Kapoor and within a few years of the birth of their son, the couple started having discord. After some time, both Neelima Azim and Pankaj Kapoor decided to separate their ways and got divorced in the year 1984.

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After divorcing Pankaj Kapoor in 1984, the actress married Rajesh Khattar for the second time in 1990, but the actress’s second marriage also lasted only for 11 years. After five years of this marriage, the ‘Phir Wahi Talaash’ actress gave birth to her son Ishaan Khattar with Rajesh Khattar. However, in the year 2001, the actress divorced Rajesh Khattar.

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I gave my heart to the singerIn 2004, love knocked for the third time in the life of the actress, this time Neelima Azim’s heart fell not on any actor but on a singer. After dating for some time, the actress married famous singer Raza Ali Khan for the third time in 2004, but like Neelima’s other two marriages, her third marriage also did not last long and they got divorced in 2009.

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living life aloneThe actress was devastated after the end of her third marriage. During that time, his love for dance sustained him and gave him the courage to live a new life. After the third divorce in 2009, the actress is living her life alone on her own terms.


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