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Engineer Salary, 10 countries where engineers get the highest salary, a package of crores is sure – top 10 countries which pay highest salary to engineers lakh crore package

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Every year lakhs of students take admission in engineering after passing 12th. For this, many state level and university level engineering entrances including JEE Main are given. Complete a four year course. With the hope that life will settle down after that. The job is certain. But out of these lakhs, there are thousands whose target is not just to get any job. Rather they want a package worth crores. Which is difficult to find while living and working in India in the initial stages. There are only a few engineering students who get jobs with a salary of more than Rs 1 crore during their placements. But there are some countries where the salary of engineers is quite good. Know about the top 10 countries for engineers in this article.

navbharattimes.com top 10 countries which pay highest salary to engineers lakh crore package
10 countries where engineers get the highest salary, a package of crores is sure


This country is known for its high cost of living. That means the cost of living here is quite high. One of the most expensive countries in the world. But here the earning is also in the same manner. Switzerland comes at number 1 in terms of paying high salaries to engineers. Especially best for chemical engineering, civil engineering and electrical engineering.


Talking about demand, Indian engineers are in highest demand in America. Accordingly, the salary in US is also quite good. With good knowledge and approach you can easily get a package of Rs 10 lakh every month. Especially if you get a job in Silicon Valley, the salary will be in crores.


Norway is a country where the oil and gas industry is booming. Due to this, the demand for engineers in these trades is also increasing. Energy sector engineers can easily get jobs here at high salaries.


If you are into sectors like renewable energy and sustainability, then Denmark could be the perfect country for you. Here the focus is more on this sector and the scope of job and salary for it is also equally high.


Germany ranks among the top countries in terms of engineering and manufacturing industry. There are very good career opportunities here for Indian engineers. Especially if you are into automation or machinery sector then Germany is a good-to-go country for you.


There are a large number of Indians in Canada, which is progressing rapidly in the technology sector. Apart from many types of jobs, the demand for Indian engineers is also high here. Good skilled engineers can easily get a package of Rs 50-60 lakhs.


Australia’s economy is growing rapidly. Along with engineers, there is demand for skilled workers in other fields also. The good thing is that Australia is also offering high salaries in engineering jobs.


The name of Netherlands also comes in the top 10 among the countries leading in the technology sector. If you are an engineer in electronics or software development, then you can try a job in Netherlands.


Sweden is very strong in terms of engineering sectors. For this, to attract the best talents, Sweden offers very attractive salary packages to engineers. Especially in telecommunication and manufacturing.


Singapore is considered a hub of technology and innovation. This is one of the most expensive countries in the world. The passport here also tops the list of the strongest. This country with high lifestyle is at the top in Asia in terms of technology and innovation, which offers very high salary packages to engineers in sectors like electronics, software, finance.

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