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Exclusive: 20000 people used to come daily from Gaza to Israel to work, Hamas made them its biggest spies! – Israel Gaza War: 20,000 People Used To Come Daily From Gaza To Israel To Work, Hamas Used Them As Its Spies!

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israel gaza war: 20,000 people used to come daily from Gaza to Israel to work, Hamas used them as its spies!

War between Israel and Hamas.
– Photo: Amar Ujala


There is a village ‘Kafar Aza’, a few minutes away from Gaza Strip on the border of Israel. Like many prosperous villages on the border with Israel, it is a prime area. In many areas of this area like Miozmul Aja, Saad, Mevkin, the largest number of workers were people from the Gaza Strip, who came to Israel from across the border to earn a living. According to the information, on an average 20 thousand people from Gaza Strip used to come to Israel every day to earn their livelihood and in connection with their other work. For the last one and a half decade, Gaza Strip was in the hands of Israel, hence their movement was legal under government documents and rules and regulations. According to information received from intelligence agencies, in the biggest attack that Hamas has carried out in Israel, it made the people coming to Israel from Gaza Strip as its biggest weapon. Because many of these people coming and going were also Hamas intelligence agents and were also helping in preparing the big outline of the attack by collecting all the inside information.

According to the information, for the last one and a half decade, the major systems and economies of Gaza Strip were in the hands of Israel. This is the reason that despite all the controversies, the people of Gaza used to come to Israel daily with permission to earn their livelihood. The people coming to Israel from Gaza included the labor class there as well as people working in homes and doing small business. Become knowledgeable about foreign affairs. Colonel Surendra Ahuja says that no matter how much tension there was between Israel and the Gaza Strip, Israel knew very well that this was a great way to strengthen its intelligence system there by taking the people of the Gaza Strip into confidence. This was the reason why people from there were allowed to come to Israel and work here. According to the information, people who came to work in parts of Israel used to come in the morning and also return in the evening. Whereas some people used to go back after staying within a fixed time limit with special permission.

According to the statistics of people coming to Israel from the border between Israel and Gaza Strip, on an average 20,000 people used to come to different cities, villages and areas of Israel every day. People associated with intelligence agencies and defense affairs believe that many of these 20 thousand people were also intelligence agents of Hamas. Because these people used to come with permission. This system was running continuously for the last several years. Therefore, under the normal procedure, these people were given entry into Israel without any restrictions on showing their necessary documents. According to the information, these are the people who also worked in the homes of the people of Israel. After that, people from his other business establishments used to lend a helping hand at many places. A senior official, an expert on defense matters and who has worked in the country’s main intelligence agency, says that Israel made the biggest mistake in this matter. He says that many of the people who regularly came to Israel from Gaza were those whom Hamas had made their agents and started sending them to Israeli areas.

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