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Exploring Emma-Leigh & Co, Selling Sunset newbie’s vegan company

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Fans of “Selling Sunset” were treated to the excitement of Season 4 which aired on November 24, 2021. Among the fresh faces that graced the show was the stunning blonde bombshell, Emma Hernan. While Emma may have caused drama with Christine Quinn, she’s also been busy with plenty of business ventures, including her career in real estate. One of her most intriguing ventures is Emma-Leigh & Co, a vegan food brand. Let’s dive into the world of Emma-Leigh & Co and explore the work of this exciting newcomer.

Meet Emma Hernan: a newbie in real estate

Emma Hernan debuted on “Selling Sunset” as a real estate agent at The Oppenheim Group. During Season 4, she revealed that she’s been in the real estate game for about five years, and that she started her journey alongside Jason Oppenheim. However, before she fully devoted herself to real estate, Emma had another overwhelming passion.

Emma-Leigh & Co: Vegan food brand

Emma’s real estate career has been on the back burner for a while as she embarked on a unique entrepreneurial journey by creating her own vegan food company, Emma-Leigh & Co. In addition to her career as a real estate agent, she also worked as a model. Emma proudly shared on “Selling Sunset” that her brand has reached stores across the United States and that things have been going extremely well for her venture. You can find Emma on Instagram, where she has 988 thousand followers under the tag @emmahernan.

Emma’s vegan food business journey

During “Selling Sunset” Season 4 Episode 3, Emma gave viewers an inside look at how she started her vegan food business. She comes from a small town south of Boston, but now splits her time between Boston and Los Angeles. This geographic change is because its food production facility is located in Boston. Emma’s entrepreneurial spirit was visible from an early age. When she was only 14 or 15 years old, she went to the stock market. Emma’s family had a small food business, and when her grandfather passed away, she stepped in and loaned her family money at the age of 17 to keep the business afloat. Today, that company has grown into a national brand known as Yankee Trader Seafood. However, Emma was focused on creating her own vegan line. She partnered with companies like Beyond Meat to bring her vision to life. The journey took her to meetings with CEOs of major retailers such as Costco and Whole Foods, where she discovered that her vegan food business aligned seamlessly with her real estate endeavors.

Explore Emma-Leigh & Co: Empanadas and more

A closer look at Emma’s company, Emma-Leigh & Co, reveals a specialization in empanadas. Namely, they offer an 18-pack of veggie beyond meat empanadas for $14.99 online. Their line of empanadas features a variety of sweet fillings, including vegan ‘sausage pizza’ and ‘birthday cake’ empanadas, which tempt the palates of vegan enthusiasts. You can check out these beautiful vegan creations on their Instagram page. As Emma Hernan continues her journey on “Selling Sunset,” fans can’t wait to see how her real estate career and vegan food brand, Emma-Leigh & Co., evolve. Emma’s story is a testimony of entrepreneurial spirit, determination and a wonderful combination of the world of real estate and vegan food.

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