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F-35 Jet Missing: American F-35 fighter plane missing, appeal to public for help to find it

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Washington, ANI. The world’s most modern and United States’ newest fighter jet F-35 has suddenly gone missing after an accident. No clue has been found yet as to how and where it has disappeared. At present American officials are busy searching for it.

Pilot ejected safely after accident

American officials said that on September 17 (Sunday), the pilot flying the F-35 in the south-eastern US state of South Carolina has been taken out of the plane through emergency after the accident. However, he is currently admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. This US Marine Corps fighter plane has gone missing in South Carolina after the pilot ejected.

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America seeks help to find F-35 aircraft

According to Fox News, US military officials have appealed to the public for help in locating the missing multimillion-dollar plane. Additionally, the Marine Corps is working with Air Station Beaufort to help locate the missing aircraft. Not only this, emergency response teams have been deployed to find the jet.

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