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Farmer Protest: BJP has created a stir in the politics of farmers, this game is being played to thwart the plans of the opposition.

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Jitendra Sharma, New Delhi. All political parties are keeping an eye on the farmers who play the role of ‘Annadata’ for the common people and ‘Bhagyavidhata’ in elections. The opposition, which is constantly looking for issues against the BJP, is once again trying its best to fuel the movement of some farmer organizations, while the BJP is also making all efforts to strengthen its connection with the farmers in a bid to create a stir.

Message of affinity with farmers

Recently, the BJP government, which has given the message of being ‘farmer friendly’ by announcing Bharat Ratna to former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh, who is called the messiah of farmers, is now trying to increase affinity and contact with the farmers by organizing village parikrama through the organization. Has come out. For the last few days, the activities of the farmers’ movement have been gaining momentum.

Farmers organizations protest in Delhi

Some farmer organizations, mainly from Punjab and Haryana, have protested in Delhi on Tuesday demanding some demands including making a law for minimum support price. Just as the opposition parties had tried to create an atmosphere against the government by supporting the anti-agriculture law movement just before the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections in 2022, similar efforts are now being seen before the Lok Sabha elections.

Preparation to thwart opposition plans

Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge has openly supported and encouraged the farmers to protest in Delhi. But, just as the government achieved success in the elections by cooling down the heat of challenges by withdrawing the three agricultural laws, in the same way, preparations are being made to foil the plans of the opposition. The opposition is limited to only limited efforts to defeat the BJP due to this development, whereas the BJP is already working on efforts to establish a stronger bond with the farmers on a much larger platform.

Government benefit scheme for farmers

Farmers are also included among the four castes listed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his priority. It is worth noting here that according to the old report of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), more than ten crore families in the country are dependent on agriculture and the number of farmers who are beneficiaries of Kisan Samman Nidhi is also around 11 crore. This means that the government has already reached every farmer family with this scheme. Along with other schemes being run in their interest, former Prime Minister Ch. By announcing the award of Bharat Ratna to Charan Singh, the government has tried to give an emotional message to the farmers.

BJP’s contact campaign will bring success

Ch. Charan Singh was a Jat and even in Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh, which are influenced by the agitating farmers’ organizations, the Jat population considers Charan Singh as their leader. Along with this, BJP has started Gram Parikrama Yatra from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh from Monday. Through this, there is a preparation to reach two lakh villages in a month. Through this, not only the schemes and achievements of the Modi government will be counted among the farmers and villagers, but to strengthen their faith in the government, suggestions will also be taken from them for the manifesto of Lok Sabha elections 2024 by BJP Kisan Morcha. This big contact campaign of the government among the villagers before the elections can prove to be very helpful in creating a positive environment in favor of the BJP.

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