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Fast as Lightning – Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket Timing!

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batting is like catching lightning in a bottle in the world of cricket. It’s a moment of sheer agility and speed where the wicketkeeper rips off the bails in the blink of an eye, leaving the batsman stunned. We are about to take a look at some of the fastest moments in cricket history.

  1. MS Dhoni’s Flash Against Keem Paul MS Dhoni, the legendary former Indian captain, is not only known for his leadership skills but also for his lightning-quick wicket-keeping. In 2018, during a one-day international against the Windies, he bowled Keemo Paul by an incredible 0.08 seconds. Dhoni’s stumping magic is the fastest ever seen in the world of cricket.
  2. Ben Cox’s surprise trip Ben Cox found himself among the best goalkeepers when he accidentally tripped Callum MacLeod. It all happened when the ball hit Cox’s pad and bounced back onto the stumps, leaving MacLeod bewildered outside his crease.
  3. MS Dhoni quickly dismisses Shaun Marsh In the match against Australia in 2012, MS Dhoni made up for the missed ball by tripping Shaun Marsh. Marsh tried to leave his crease but missed the ball, giving Dhoni a chance to take the bails.
  4. Smart move by Mark Boucher Mark Boucher showed his remarkable skills in the match against Sri Lanka in 2016. He dismissed Marvan Atapattu by throwing the ball on the stumps while appealing for a catch. Atapattu was left confused outside his crease.
  5. Brendon McCullum’s quick action Brendon McCullum was quick on his feet when he tripped Ricky Ponting. McCullum saw Ponting outside the crease and removed the bails, adding to the list of lightning quick shots.
  6. Kumar Sangakkara’s acrobatic point Kumar Sangakkara stunned the cricket world with his acrobatic batting against Australia in 2003. He caught the ball before it hit the ground and deflected it onto the stumps to dismiss Jimmy Maher.
  7. Unusual dismissal of Bradley Barnes One of the most unusual strikes happened in 2018 during a match between India U19 and South Africa U19. Bradley Barnes took the bails off Saurabh Tiwary’s bat as Tiwary was safe inside the crease but his runner, Tanmay Srivastava, was well outside it.
  8. Kumar Sangakkara’s Blink-and-You-Miss-It Stumping Kumar Sangakkara’s lightning batting of Brian Lara during the 2007 match between Sri Lanka and West Indies left everyone in awe. Lara was pulling his leg, and Sangakkara didn’t waste a moment, singling him.
  9. Dinesh Karthik’s surprise toss In the match against England at Lord’s, Dinesh Karthik made a surprise toss to dismiss Michael Vaughan. Vaughan misjudged the ball and Karthik quickly cleared the bails, turning the game in India’s favour.
  10. Adam Gilchrist’s record throw Adam Gilchrist created history in 2005 by dismissing Craig McMillan off the bowling of Glenn McGrath. Standing right behind the goal, Gilchrist picked up the bails in a flash, leaving McMillan stunned.

Conclusion These lightning-quick shots are a testament to the amazing talent and reflexes of wicketkeepers in the world of cricket. These moments happen in the blink of an eye and can turn the tide of a game, making goalkeepers the unsung heroes of the game. The next time you watch a cricket match, watch out for these jaw-dropping moments that can change the course of the game in an instant.

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