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Festive look 2023: Give a new and stylish look to your old sarees during the festival, they will look very beautiful.

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New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Festive look 2023: When it comes to festivals, women start preparations well in advance. Recently the festivals of Teej, Jeetiya and Ganeshotsav were celebrated, then Navratri is also being celebrated, after a few days the festival of Karva Chauth is coming. This festival is very special for women. If you want to dress up a lot on this day, then old saree can also be useful for you. So let us know how to give a new look to an old saree.

Give new look to old plain sarees like this

Make a new beautiful saree from two old plain sarees

Take two of your old plain but different colored sarees. In which one is of dark and one of light color and then if you can sew, then cut it in the middle and separate it yourself… then if you like light color more, then in the saree, more light area and dark color area. If you like it more, then stitch a saree of five meters by increasing the dark area and reducing the light area.

If you can’t sew, get the job done from a trailer. If you have orange and red colored plain sarees, then the combination of both will be very good for Karva Chauth, however, green, blue or maroon will also look good with orange color. The braids on the sides will add to its beauty.

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Make old plain saree attractive with small designer mirrors

If you have an old plain grey, peacock green, wine colored or sky colored saree, then you can make it attractive by adding small designer mirrors to it. You can do this work comfortably while sitting at home, and you can also make the saree more attractive by adding small pieces of dark color to it.

Get the saree dyed in two-three colors

The specialty of plain sarees is that you can wear them by mixing a combination of two or three different colors and getting them dyed.

Decorate with beads and beads

Women are very fond of embroidery and weaving and most of the women do it, so they can give a new look to their sarees by applying gota or plain colorful beads on the edges. This is an evergreen way to make sarees beautiful.

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