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Fifth Day Of War Between Israel And Hamas Palestine Thousands Died – Israel-Palestine Conflict: Entry of Lebanon’s Hezbollah on the fifth day of Israel-Hamas war, know 5 big things

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Israel-Palestine Conflict: Lebanon's Hezbollah entered on the fifth day of Israel-Hamas war, know 5 big things

New Delhi:
Israel Palestine Conflict: Wednesday was the fifth day of the war that started after the attack on Israel by Islamic extremist group Hamas on Saturday. According to official figures, more than 3 thousand people have died so far in this war. Both sides are targeting each other. The whole world is divided into two groups. While Israel is getting support from Western countries, Hamas is getting help from some Islamic countries.

Important information related to the case:

  1. The Israeli military said on Wednesday that there had been a “suspicious intrusion” attempt into the airspace from Lebanon. There have been several rocket attacks from Lebanon near Israel’s northern border.

  2. To fight Hamas, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has formed a unity government with opposition parties. The coalition of the ruling Likud party had agreed to this a day earlier. This means that a government will be formed in Israel in which all parties will be included. Unity government or war cabinet is formed during war. Unity government has been announced in Israel for the first time since 1973.

  3. Israel has attacked the Rafah crossing to stop the supply of food and water from Egypt. Also, after the Israeli attack, the only power plant in Gaza was closed due to which there was power outage. Palestine has also accused Israel of using chemical weapons.

  4. Israel is gathering ground forces near the Gaza Strip. American aircraft have also arrived to help Israel. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is also going to visit Israel very soon.

  5. On the fifth day of the war, a video has surfaced, in which Hamas fighters can be seen holding Israeli people hostage at gunpoint. Women and children are also included among the hostages. Hamas fighters have forced the people taken hostage to tell Israel that you people are here.

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