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‘Focus on work’, Tejashwi gave advice to his own minister on comparison of Ramcharitmanas with Potassium cyanide lclk

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Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav has given advice to Bihar Education Minister Chandrashekhar Yadav for comparing Ramcharitmanas with potassium cyanide. Regarding RJD leader Chandrashekhar, he said that instead of making such statements, the minister should concentrate on the work of his department.

Tejashwi Yadav said regarding Chandrashekhar’s controversial statement, all this should not be said. All religions should be respected. People’s feelings should be respected. The minister should focus on his department. One should not talk negative things. All this should not be said.

What did Chandrashekhar say?

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Let us tell you that during the program organized on Hindi Day, Chandrashekhar had said that after serving fifty-five types of dishes, what would happen if potassium cyanide was mixed in it, the condition of Hindu scriptures is also similar. Baba Nagarjuna and Lohia have also commented. I have reservations about Ramcharit Manas and will remain so throughout my life.

JDU had also opposed the statement

The ruling party JDU had also objected to this statement given by Chandrashekhar Yadav. Regarding Chandrashekhar’s statement, JDU spokesperson Abhishek Jha had said that those who see potassium cyanide in Ramcharitmanas should limit their ideology to themselves and should not try to impose it on the party or the INDIA alliance. He said that we respect all religions and their religious texts, some people give such statements to remain in the media.

BJP had said attack on Nitish

On this statement of Chandrashekhar, the main opposition party of the state BJP also attacked the Grand Alliance government and Nitish Kumar. Taking aim, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari said, ‘Whoever this gentleman is, he himself has become potassium cyanide of his party, this is not just the sentiment of the minister but the planning of India Alliance. One minister speaks from the South and one from here. If Ravana was in Sri Lanka then Marich and Subahu were also in the North. These people are doing their work. Just as Ravana used to harm Satya, Sanatan and Ram, this alliance has been formed to harm Satya and Sanatan Dharma.

He said, ‘This is a pre-planned trend and when Stalin said that the alliance was formed only to destroy Sanatan Dharma, then the people present there who understood Tamil language spread it, only then we also understood. Chandrashekhar ji may be from Bihar but with his actions he is creating problems for his party.

Let us tell you that Chandrashekhar has already given controversial statements regarding Ramcharitmanas. Earlier he had described Ramcharitmanas as a religious text that divides the society.

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