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Gadar 2: Has ‘Sakina’ exposed the new part of Gadar? Said- At the end of the film…

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Ameesha Patel Comment on Gadar 3: Bollywood star Sunny Deol’s film Gadar 2 has created panic at the box office. Gadar 2 has beaten Bollywood’s two big superhit films Dangal and KGF 2 in terms of earnings and has become the third highest grossing film. Along with the success of Gadar 2, the director of the film Anil Sharma had hinted towards the third installment. But now ‘Sakina’ i.e. Ameesha Patel has told how the cast had no idea about the third part till the release of Gadar 2 Movie.

Sakina again gave a big spoiler of Gadar series?

Ameesha Patel, who plays Sakina in Gadar 2, says that the entire cast and crew are not aware of the announcement of Gadar 3. Ameesha also explained why director Anil Sharma did not allow her character Sakina to meet her son’s girlfriend Muskaan (Simrat Kaur). Recently Ameesha Patel has given an interview. Where the actress was questioned as to why Sakina’s advice about her daughter-in-law was not shown in the last. On this, Ameesha says that if Tara Singh had supported an elderly person, he would have called him like a mother or father. If there was a boy, he would have been called like a son. Similarly, Tara Muskan is like a ‘daughter’ in the film, it is said that she did not call her ‘daughter-in-law’. This is the nobility of Tara’s character, so the director did not introduce Sakina to the girl.

What will be the story of Gadar 3?

Ameesha Patel (Ameesha Patel Gadar 2 Movie) was asked in the interview – so will Sakina and her son’s girlfriend have a grand meetup? In response to the question, Ameesha says that in the next part of Gadar, it is not known whether Muskaan’s character will be there or not and whether she will be sent back to Pakistan. Also, Ameesha said, the romantic track of Jeete and Muskaan in the film has come as a surprise, it was only to assure people from the story of the film and to take cinematic liberty. In a war-like situation, will the boy find his love? Because he has gone there in search of his father. That’s why the director has not shown me hugging or welcoming the girl in the last. And left with one question.

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