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Girls Should Control Sexual Urges Boys Should Respect Girls Dignity Says Calcutta High Court – Girls should control sexual urges, boys should…: Advice of Calcutta High Court.

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The court urged the girls to control their sexual desires and not indulge in two minutes of pleasure. (Symbolic photo)


The Calcutta High Court, hearing the plea of ​​a minor boy against his conviction in a rape case, has laid down guidelines for young boys and girls. This guideline list asks the youth to control their sexual desire and respect the dignity and body autonomy of the other gender. Body autonomy is the right of a person to have complete control over his body. .

The age of consent for sexual relations in India is 18 years.

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Last year, a sessions court had sentenced a minor boy to 20 years in jail for having sexual relations with his romantic partner, who is a minor. During this hearing, the girl had told the court that she was in the relationship of her own free will and he later married her. He said that the age of consent for sex in India is 18 years and their relationship is a crime.

Let us tell you that for sexual relationship Consent given by a person below the age of 18 years is not considered valid and sexual intercourse with them amounts to rape under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO).

It is necessary to start better sex education in schools

A two-judge bench of Justices Chitta Ranjan Dash and Partha Sarathi Sen set aside the sessions court’s decision and called for better sex education in schools to avoid legal complications arising from sexual relations at an early age. . The bench said that sexual relations among the youth are normal but the excitement of such desire depends on the action of the individual, perhaps the man or the woman.

Court urges girls not to indulge in two minutes of pleasure

The court urged the girls to control their sexual desires and not indulge in two minutes of pleasure. The court said in its decision, “Control your desire for sex, because in the eyes of society, when girls are ready to enjoy sexual pleasure for just two minutes, they lose.”

Boys should respect girl’s dignity: Court

The bench also said that it is the duty of young girls to protect “the integrity of their body, dignity and right to self-respect”. Along with this, it has been said that boys should respect the dignity of girls and should bring in their mind to respect women.

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