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‘Girls should control their sexual desires…’, know why the Calcutta High Court said this? Gave instructions to boys also

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Kolkata: The Calcutta High Court on Wednesday said teenage girls should “control their sexual desires” rather than indulge in “two minutes of pleasure” and teenage boys should respect “young girls and women and their dignity and physical autonomy”. In the case ‘Probhat Purkait vs State of West Bengal’, a division bench of Justice Chitta Ranjan Dash and Justice Partha Sarathi Sen made the observation while acquitting a youth who was convicted of raping a minor girl with whom he was having an ‘affair’. ‘ Was.

The court expressed concern over the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO Act), which equates consensual sexual acts between juveniles with sexual exploitation, reports Bar and Bench. . Calcutta High Court suggested decriminalizing consensual sexual acts between teenagers above 16 years of age. The Court also called for comprehensive rights-based sex education for adolescents to avoid legal complications arising from underage sexual relations. In its detailed decision, the court explained the reasons for awakening sexual desires and the importance of controlling them.

The court explained in its decision the reason for the awakening of sexual desires.
The court said in its decision, ‘The principal androgenic steroid is testosterone, which is secreted primarily from the testicles in men and ovaries in women, and in small amounts from the adrenal glands in both men and women. Is. The hypothalamus and pituitary glands control the amount of testosterone, which is primarily responsible for sex or libido (in men). It exists in the body, so when the concerned gland gets activated by stimulation, sexual desire is awakened. But activation of the respective responsible gland is not automatic. Because it requires stimulation from our vision, hearing, reading erotic material and interaction with the opposite sex. Sexual desire is aroused by our own actions.

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The Calcutta High Court judgment further said, ‘Sex is normal among teenagers but sexual desire or the stimulation of such desire depends on certain actions of the person, perhaps male or female. Therefore, sexual desire is not at all normal and ideal. If we stop certain activities, the stimulation of sexual desire becomes no longer normal, as advocated in our discussion. Therefore, the bench proposed a ‘duty/obligation based approach’ to the issue and suggested certain duties for both adolescent females and males.

For adolescent females, the Court suggested:

,It is the duty/obligation of every female adolescent: 1. They must protect the right to the integrity of their body. 2. Protect your dignity and self-respect. 3. Try to overcome gender barriers and develop your self holistically. 4. Control sexual urges/impulses, because in the eyes of the society they lose when they are ready to enjoy barely two minutes of sexual pleasure. 5. Protect your body autonomy and your right to privacy.,

As for the juvenile males, the Calcutta High Court said:,It is the duty of an adolescent male to respect the above duties of a young girl or woman and he should train his mind to respect the dignity of a woman, her self-worth, her dignity and right to privacy and autonomy of her body.,

Sex education, parental guidance
The Court also stressed the importance of guiding and educating teenagers about issues related to sexuality. For this purpose, the bench said that this work should start from home and parents should be the first teachers. The bench remarked, ‘We, therefore, feel that guidance and education of parents is necessary to enable children, especially girls, to recognize bad touch, bad signals, bad advances and bad company. In particular, they need to be told about the adverse effects that having sex before the age permitted by law can have on their health and reproductive system.

Similarly, as far as boys are concerned, parental guidance and education should include how to respect a woman, how to maintain a woman’s dignity, protect the integrity of a woman’s body. How to do that and be friends with a woman without getting aroused by sexual desire. Even if there is progress on the other side, the boy should restrain himself from sexual activities until he is able to support the family. The bench underlined, ‘A family in which there is a child should maintain such a conducive environment at home that no child grows up believing that misbehaving with women is normal.’

Sex education should be part of school curriculum: Calcutta High Court
Calcutta High Court said, ‘We should never think that only a girl is a victim of abuse. Because boys are also victims of abuse. The court said that apart from parental guidance, sex education emphasizing these aspects and reproductive health and hygiene should be a part of every school curriculum. Advocates Malay Bhattacharya, Shubhrajyoti Ghosh and Dibakar Sardar appeared on behalf of the appellant. Additional public prosecutor PK Dutta represented the state along with advocates Ashok Das and SD Roy. Advocates Shibaji Kumar Das, Soumyajit Das Mohapatra, Roopsa Srimani and Madhuraj Sinha represented the victim.


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