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Had a role of only 7 seconds in the first film, fate changed and became ‘Khiladi’; 11 films released in the same year

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Akshay Kumar Career: It is said that if you have a desire to do something in your heart, then the universe also gets involved in helping you reach your destination. This seems even more true after seeing the journey of Akshay Kumar. How a Punjabi Munda from Chandni Chowk, Delhi reached Mumbai and became a Bollywood player while doing martial arts is no less than a film story in itself.

Did a 7 second role in the first film

It is also true that Akshay Kumar, who plays lead roles in big Bollywood films today, played only a 7-second role in the first film. Actually, he came from Delhi to Bangkok and from there to Mumbai and here he started giving training in martial arts. But seeing her looks and height, a photographer suggested her to do modeling. Therefore, he first got into modeling and then he started visiting the houses and offices of producers. Luckily he also got the job. But that’s a much later story. Whereas in 1987, he did a 7-second role in the film named Aaj, in which he was seen as a martial arts instructor.

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First film released in 1991 and fortunes changed
Akshay Kumar’s first film Saugandh was released in the year 1991, which was very much liked. After this, he made his mark in Bollywood with some films. So he started getting a lot of offers. At that time, in order to earn money, he started signing more and more films. The year 1994 is perhaps the most special for him because in this year not just two, four or six but 11 of his films were released. Their names were – Ailaan, Yeh Dillagi, Jai Kishan, Mohra, Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Ikke Pe Ikka, Amanat, Suhaag, Jakhmi Dil, Zalim and Hum Hain Bemisaal. Most of these were hits.

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