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Hamas does not know where the hostages brought from Israel are? Said- need time; Know the big things related to war

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There seems to be no end to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Israel is continuously saying that it will enter Gaza and bring its people. While its Air Force is bombing Gaza, its Army is standing ready with tanks on the Gaza border. Meanwhile, a big statement has been given by Hamas regarding the hostages.

Hamas has said that it is ready to find the people kidnapped from Israel but it needs some time. During a visit to Russia, a Hamas representative named Abu Hamid said he was always ready to spare civilians but needed some time, the Times of Israel reported, quoting a Russian news outlet.

This representative of Hamas further said that many of their groups have taken Israeli people hostage and there is a need to launch a search operation to find them. Abu Hamid said that for the search operation it is necessary that a ceasefire be imposed, only then they will find and release the hostages.

Let us tell you 10 big things related to Israel-Hamas war

  1. Last night Israel once again bombed Gaza. About 40 Palestinians are reported to have been killed in this latest Israeli air strike. It is being said that some refugee camps are also likely to be damaged in Israel’s latest air raids.
  2. Four Palestinian civilians were also reported killed in the West Bank. According to a Palestinian news agency, these people died due to an attack by the Israeli army.
  3. Israel has said that at least 233 of its people have been taken hostage to Gaza.
  4. It has been told from Palestine that some Israeli tanks had entered Gaza and returned back. Now the news is that Israel once entered Gaza from Gaza on Friday.
  5. On Thursday, the US military attacked two places in Syria. Both these places are said to be related to Iran. From the American side it was said that the strikes were carried out in self-defense. According to the Pentagon, since October 17, there have been at least 12 attacks on US military bases and personnel in Iraq and four in Syria.
  6. Iran has asked America to stop the massacre in Gaza and not support Israel.
  7. So far, more than 7 thousand people have died in Gaza due to Israeli attacks.
  8. Egypt has said that there has been a drone attack on its city Taba located near the border. The IDF has expressed the possibility that the attack was caused by a missile coming from Yemen.
  9. UN has informed that 8 trucks carrying humanitarian aid will enter Gaza. So far 74 trucks have gone to Gaza with aid.
  10. Priyanka Gandhi, leader of the main opposition party in India, said that even after the killing of 7,000 people in Gaza, the cycle of bloodshed and violence has not stopped. Of these 7,000 people, 3,000 were innocent children. He said, “There is no international law that has not been violated. There is no dignity that has not been violated. There is no rule that has not been violated.”

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