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Hamas Israel War: American forces landed on Israeli soil, know how they are helping in the war with Hamas – Pentagon Says American Commandos Are In Israel Helping To Locate Hostages

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The Israel-Hamas war is not showing signs of stopping. 10 thousand people have died in the war that has been going on for almost a month. On October 7, Hamas suddenly attacked Israel and took more than 200 people hostage. Israeli Defense Forces are working day and night to rescue the hostages from the terrorists. Now news is coming that America is helping Israel. A top Pentagon official says American commandos stationed in Israel are helping locate the hostages.

American people also included among the hostages

Assistant Secretary of Defense Christopher P. Meier said, ‘We are actively helping Israel in many matters. Specifically, we are helping locate hostages. American people are also included among the hostages. It is our responsibility to locate the hostages.

How many soldiers are there in Israel?

However, the official declined to say how many US troops are currently present in Israel. At the same time, other American officials say that the Defense Department has sent several dozen commandos in recent weeks. Apart from this, a small team is already present.

Discussion on release of hostages

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the commandos would discuss the release of the hostages with their Israeli counterparts, the FBI, the State Department and the US government. Meier said US special operations forces in the region are also ready to help evacuate our own citizens from locations and secure our embassies.

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