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Handpump changed the fate of the actor, not once but twice, his career brightened!

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Sunny Deol Gadar: It is said that luck does not give chances again and again and once the opportunity is out of hand, then luck just keeps on turning. But Sunny Deol is that actor in Bollywood who got not one but two chances to shine his luck with the same film. That film was Gadar in which Sunny uprooted such a handpump that every time she took care of the wavering boat of her career and shone like the sun in the sky of Mayanagari.

Hand pump brightened career

Gadar came in the year 2001. Before and after the release of the film, everyone was calling it a flop, but it was necessary to be a hit, otherwise Sunny Deol’s exit from the industry was certain. That’s why everyone’s breath was stuck. Ameesha Patel was also scared that playing the role of a mother at a young age might prove to be harmful for her career. But luck turned, the hand pump was uprooted and there was a mutiny not only on the screen but also in the hearts of the people. Seeing this, the film started making all the records one by one and seeing this, the eyes of the people of the industry were also opened. Gadar again made Sunny everyone’s favorite in Bollywood.


In 2023, the same mutiny again saved Lutia from drowning
Now what would you call it if not luck. In the year 2023, when Sunny Deol had almost disappeared from the film world, Gadar again came as a savior for him. In the film, again a hand pump made Tara Singh a global star and Sunny hit Akshay, Shahrukh, Salman and Defeated Saif. Now the intoxication of mutiny has increased to such an extent that its intoxication is not taking the name of getting off the head of the people.


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