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Harda Factory Blast Video: There was a three-storey firecracker factory, video from inside aired during the accident.

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Vijay Vishnoi, Harda. Harda Factory Blast Video: Many shocking videos related to Harda’s Bairagarh firecracker factory accident are being circulated on social media. A 29-second video was circulated on social media on a group called Harda Blast Nyay Sangharsh Samiti at 7 pm on Saturday evening.

It can be clearly seen that the firecracker factory was not one but three storeyed. The length of the factory can also be easily understood. From this it can also be estimated how many employees and laborers would have been working in the factory at the time the accident occurred.

There was no sudden fire in the factory

The fire in the factory did not start suddenly, but a plume of smoke was seen rising from the rear part of the factory. As soon as the fire broke out, a situation of stampede started forming. Even on the day of the accident, many victims were saying that the fire started from behind the factory. After this, many big explosions took place one after the other.

People are seen shouting in the video

During the fire, initially people were shouting that run away from here, run away from here, hey get everyone out, yes get everyone out, hey get out. Come out from inside, who is there…, hey call them friend…, don’t do anything…

Meanwhile, some people were seen going behind the factory, who were being told not to go behind, but people kept going. Ration card of factory owner found in the debris: The annual income of firecracker factory owner Raju alias Rajesh Aggarwal, who earned crores of rupees, was only Rs 60 thousand.

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Information found in ration card

This may sound a bit strange, but his ration card found in the debris tells a similar story. The name of the head, gender/age, father’s name and address and other information can be read clearly in the ration card.

Harda’s co-collector said this

Harda’s co-collector Aditya Singh said on this video that I came to know about the ration card of the firecracker factory owner through the correspondent of Dainik Jagran’s associate publication Naiduniya. The ration card of owner and accused Rajesh Aggarwal is being circulated on social media. Send it to me, I will verify it.

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