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Have you ever eaten black corn? Not burnt on fire, color is natural black

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Nature has created many such things, seeing which it becomes difficult to believe. Be it animals or plants. You will get to see many variants of each. There are some things which are common. If till now you were asked about corn, you would mention only yellow corn corn. Most of the people in the world have eaten this corn. But today we are going to tell you about corn with black grains.

Yes, you read it right. Black grain corn is also present in the world. After looking at these corns, it will seem as if someone has turned the yellow corns black by burning them in fire. but it’s not like that. These are of natural black colour. Their taste is better than yellow corn. Besides, the time of their cultivation is also different. Whoever saw the video of black corn on social media thought it was fake. But today we will tell you complete details about it.

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The leaves of black corn are light purple in color. The length of their plants is up to three meters. Also, the fruits grown on it are up to twenty centimeters long. As it matures, its grains start becoming darker. A liquid comes out from these cobs, which stains it. If its leaves are removed with hands, the fingers get purple color. These are tasty to eat but they require more chewing than yellow corn. Besides, it is also quite starchy. However, they are less sweet than yellow corn.

Farming takes place here
The way yellow corn is grown all over the world, these black corns are not cultivated. These are found in only a few areas in the world. Especially it is cultivated in Peru. There it is known as Mez Mordo. Whereas in US and UK it is known as Black Mexican Corn. It is rarely found outside South America. Very hot weather is required to grow it. Also, after bearing fruits, it needs heavy rains. In such a situation, it can be grown only in selected places of the world.


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