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Have you ever seen ‘The Garden of Snakes’? Instead of fruits, poisonous snakes hang on the trees, the heart will tremble after seeing them!

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We see different types of gardens in our life. Many times, after seeing the beautiful fruits growing on these trees, one feels like plucking them and eating them. It is a different matter that it is not easy to break them secretly. Imagine, what would happen if you saw snakes hanging on trees instead of fruits? If you are considering this as a joke, then let us tell you that there is actually a place in the world where there is a garden of snakes.

You may have seen fruit gardens but have you ever seen a snake garden? This sight is such that if a person sees it once, he will not be able to sleep properly for many nights. Just as there are gardens of mango, guava and litchi, similarly there is a garden of snakes in a country. Their branches are just full of snakes. You will see snakes hanging on every branch.

Snakes are farmed
The garden we are talking about is present in Vietnam. In this garden named Trải rẩn Đồng Tâm (Dong Tam Snake Farm), only snakes are visible on the trees. Snakes are reared here. Medicinal materials are also grown in this farm. According to the information, more than four hundred types of poisonous snakes are present in this garden. Medicines are made from their poison and antidotes are also made to neutralize the poison. Every year millions of tourists come to Dong Tam Snake Farm and see this dangerous sight.

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gonna be shocked to see
This strange garden has become a big tourist destination. You will get all kinds of facilities in this farm spread over 12 hectares. Every year about 1500 people come to this farm for treatment after snake bites. Every day research for antidote is done here. This is the reason why poisonous snakes of different species have been bred here, which hang on the trees.


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