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Henree Cherron Wright Daughter, ReeMarkable, Daughter, Journey And Life

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The reality TV series “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” provides a glimpse into the lives of music artists chasing their dreams, and one of the featured stars is none other than Henree Cherron Wright. Professionally known as ReeMarkable, she is not only a rapper and singer but also the daughter of the legendary Eazy E. In this article, we will get to know ReeMarkable better and explore her journey in the world of music.

Revealing Eazy E’s Daughter

Henree Cherron Wright, known by her stage name ReeMarkable, is a 27-year-old rapper and singer who is making her mark on the music scene. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she entered this world during Eazy E’s relationship with Kelly Faultersack Robinson. However, she was raised by her mother in Decatur, which shows that her roots run deep in the vibrant musical culture of the South.

A musical legacy

ReeMarkable’s journey into music was influenced and inspired by her father, the late Eazy E. While some may assume that she only got into music because of her iconic father, ReeMarkable emphasized that her passion for music goes beyond her family heritage. Born after Eazy E began his own musical odyssey, she forged her own unique path in the industry. She is determined to earn respect and recognition as an individual artist, showing her special talent and style.

From the church choir to the stage

ReeMarkable’s musical journey began in the church choir, a testament to the influence of her great-grandmother who encouraged her to explore her vocal talents. There she discovered her love for singing, laying the foundations for her future career. Her dedication and commitment to music has led her to where she is today, following in her father’s footsteps as she creates her own musical legacy.

Life outside the microphone

ReeMarkable’s life goes beyond her music career. On his Instagram, he offers a glimpse into his latest musical projects, giving fans updates on his creative endeavors. In addition, she shares her experiences as a mother to her son, Kobe, who entered her life when she was just 16 years old. She proudly calls herself “The Lion Queen” in her Instagram bio, which is a fitting title for a fierce and talented artist.

Lively and versatile

ReeMarkable’s presence isn’t just limited to her music. She’s embraced different hair colors and styles, from bright orange to pink, blue, and purple—all at once! Her bold and versatile look reflects her fearless approach to her art, unafraid to stand out and make a statement.

As fans continue to follow ReeMarkable’s journey on “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta,” they can witness the evolution of an artist determined to make her own unique mark on the world of music.


ReeMarkable, also known as Henree Cherron Wright, is more than Eazy E’s daughter; she is a talented artist in her own right. With a deep passion for music, she is paving her way in the music industry while embracing her role as a mother. Her journey, showcased on “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta,” is one of determination, individuality and undeniable talent. As she continues to captivate audiences, we eagerly await the next chapters of her remarkable career.

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