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Here, not a human but a ‘creepy’ doll was arrested! dangerous doll arrested with handcuffs in mexico with real knife to scare people tstsh

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This matter may sound very strange to you. But this is true. This thing is surprising for everyone that how can a lifeless doll be arrested? The matter is of Mexico. Here the police has arrested a doll. His owner used him to scare people. Its name is Chucky. Officials consider it a ‘demonic doll’. A real knife was placed in his hand so that the people around him would be afraid of him.

According to the report of New York Post, the police has caught the doll as well as its owner who used it. They have been accused of disturbing public order and endangering people on September 11 in Monclova, a city in Coahuila state in northern Mexico.

Former director of Monclova police, Juan Raul Alcocer, said that a man named Carlos was in an intoxicated state in the main square of the city. He placed the doll on his face and started scaring people. This is a crime and that is why he has been arrested.

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The female police officer took away the doll (Photo- Reuters)

Both Carlos and his doll were taken to the police precinct and handcuffed. A picture has also surfaced, in which handcuffs can be seen in Gudiya’s hands. A police officer is taking his photograph from the front. There is also a knife placed on top of his clothes.

The police officer is holding Gudiya by her hair. This doll has been in the news since the 1988 horror film ‘Child’s Play’. The police officer who handcuffed Gudiya so that the case could be covered by the local media has been reprimanded for dereliction of duty.

Alcocer said, ‘Some journalists were jokingly telling him to pose the doll, handcuff her. He should have taken his job and rules seriously, not playing this game.

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