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Here’s What Happened To Elizabeth Taylor’s Money After She Died

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Film legend Elizabeth Taylor left a lasting legacy when she passed away in 2011. Known for her roles in cult films such as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and her striking purple eyes, Taylor’s influence reached far beyond the screen. At the time of her death, her estate was estimated at a staggering $600 million to $1 billion, making her one of the richest Hollywood stars of her time.

Taylor’s Philanthropic A journey

Taylor wasn’t just a movie star; she was also a dedicated philanthropist. Her own foundation has raised more than $270 million for various charities. As a shrewd business person, Taylor built a business empire, creating her own brand and becoming one of the first Hollywood icons to succeed.

The Journey to riches

Elizabeth Taylor’s fortune was not luck; it is the result of smart career and business decisions. Forbes reports that she was the first actress to receive a $1 million payout for her role in “Cleopatra,” a film that nearly bankrupted the studio. Taylor’s investments, such as a beachfront property in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and an impressive art collection, have also contributed to her considerable wealth.

Strategic Financial planning

Taylor’s financial savvy extended to her preparations for the future. She set up a revocable living trust, allowing her to transfer assets without a public will. The strategic move has kept details of her assets under wraps, although a significant portion is believed to have gone to her children, grandchildren and charities.

House Taylor lives on

Elizabeth Taylor’s legacy continues through the House of Taylor, consisting of her trust, charity, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and the Elizabeth Taylor Archive. The brand name, synonymous with its perfumes and beauty products, still thrives, and popular fragrances such as White Diamond are still available in stores.

Family Trust and the role of grandchildren

Taylor’s grandson, Quinn Tivey, plays a key role in the family trust. As a caretaker, he works to preserve her legacy as an actress and humanitarian. Before her death, Taylor planned to sell some of her possessions, including a 2011 jewelry auction that raised an impressive $156.8 million for the Elizabeth Taylor Trust.

A look into Taylor’s personal life

In 2019, more of Elizabeth Taylor’s personal items, including costumes, clothing and accessories, were sold at auction. Fans had the chance to own a piece of Taylor’s fashion history, with proceeds going to the Elizabeth Taylor Trust. Quinn Tivey, her grandson, expressed his commitment to preserving her legacy, noting their usual times together, watching movies and chatting.

paying homage Taylor’s memory

As the years pass, Elizabeth Taylor’s influence lives on through the House of Taylor and the ongoing work of her charitable foundation. Her contributions to both the entertainment industry and philanthropy continue to enrich the lives of those who admired her, ensuring that the legend of Elizabeth taylor lives.

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