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On January 10, 2016, the world mourned the loss of David Bowie, a musical legend whose influence extended far beyond his timeless music. Bowie, also known as David Jones, not only revolutionized rock ‘n’ roll with his art, but also made significant forays into acting, painting and even the burgeoning internet industry.

Innovative “Bowie Bonds”

Bowie’s financial acumen was as impressive as his creative genius. He introduced a unique financial concept called “Bowie Bonds”, where he worked with investors on 10-year bonds, relying on future sales of his pre-1993 music catalog. This visionary move proved extremely successful, providing a steady income for Bowie, even during a period of relative seclusion following his 2003 heart attack.

Contested Legacy: Valuing Bowie’s Fortune

David Bowie’s posthumous net worth estimate has sparked debate. While Celebrity Net Worth and TheRichest suggest figures around $230 million, Forbes offers a more conservative but still significant estimate of approximately $100 million. Within this debate, Bowie’s last will and testament played a key role, ensuring care for his loved ones.

Iman: Recipient of half the estate

Somali-American fashion icon, Iman, was the lucky recipient of almost half of David Bowie’s legacy. Their union, which began in 1992, was a testament to their enduring love. Iman declared that Bowie will forever be her “true love”, showing their deep connection.

Satisfied family man

In the years following his heart attack, Bowie chose to enjoy the simple joys of family life. Together with Iman and their little daughter, they indulged in everyday activities such as watching television and crafting. This period of peace marked a departure from the whirlwind rock star lifestyle. Bowie said in 2003, “I don’t have that feeling of loneliness that I had before, which was very, very strong,” indicating a newfound sense of contentment.

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