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Here’s Who Inherited Natalie Wood’s Money After She Died

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Natalie Wood, a Hollywood sensation, left an indelible mark on the screen with classics such as “Miracle on 34th Street” and “West Side Story.” However, her tragic death in 1981 cast a shadow over her illustrious career, fueling conspiracy theories and intriguing questions about her legacy.

“Mysterious Death: Unraveling of Circumstances”

Drowning off the coast of Catalina Island at the age of 43, Wood’s death was initially ruled an accident. However, lingering rumors of marital discord led to the reopening of the case in 2013. The revised cause of death from “accidental drowning” to “drowning and other undetermined factors” further fueled the mystery.

“Off-Screen Wealth: Wood’s Huge Estate”

As one of the biggest stars of her time, Natalie Wood left behind a substantial fortune, which includes money, property and a yacht. While her exact net worth remains undisclosed, court documents point to a significant fortune, speculated to be in the millions.

“Comprehensive Will: Natalie’s Financial Plan”

Wood’s foresight shone through in a meticulous 15-page will drawn up just over a year before her death. This document outlined a clear division of her assets into two parts – one for her husband, Robert Wagner, and the other for her two children, providing a strategic approach to managing the potential tax burden.

“Wagner’s Share: Assets and Accusations”

Robert Wagner, Wood’s husband, inherited half of her estate along with certain items such as Bonnard’s oil painting and her jewelry. Despite these bequests, controversy and family disagreements arose, particularly from Wood’s younger sister, Lana Wood, who claimed her share with surprising immediacy.

“Brothers and Sisters: A Story of Legacies”

Wood made sure her siblings got their share, leaving her luxury clothing, including furs, to her younger sister Lana. Her older sister, Olga, received a lump sum, while her mother, Maria Gurdin, had a guaranteed annual income that was deducted from her children’s trust.

“The Tell-All Fallout: Lane Wood’s Inheritance Drama”

Lana Wood’s persistent claim to her inheritance, even taking her underwear, caused family tension. Her tell-all book, considered sensational and full of gossip, led to the severing of ties with the Wagner and Wood families.

“Murky Waters: Wagner’s Suspect Status”

Questions surrounding Wagner’s involvement in Wood’s death have caused legal complications. California’s “murderer statutes” could potentially bar someone implicated in a murder from inheriting. Despite the initial approval in 1981, Wagner has become a figure of interest in 2018, reopening the debate over Wood’s estate.

“Inheritance in limbo: legal consequences”

If Wagner were found guilty, there would be legal avenues for Wood’s heirs to challenge his inheritance, citing “unjust enrichment.” However, the legal landscape remains speculative, as Wagner was quietly released in 2022, leaving the distribution of the estate untouched.

“Inheritance Amid Conspiracy: The Enigma of Natalie Wood”

Natalie Wood’s legacy continues to be entwined with conspiracy theories and unsolved questions. Although the distribution of her estate was carried out according to her will, the intrigue surrounding her untimely death continues to preoccupy, leaving an indelible mark on Hollywood history.

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