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Hezbollah: After Hamas, why is Israel worried about Hezbollah? Know this terrorist organization, which is banned in countries like Us – Hezbollah: Why Is Israel Worried After The Hamas Attack, The Story Of The Terrorist Group

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Hezbollah: Why is Israel worried after the Hamas attack, the story of the terrorist group

Threat from Hezbollah!
– Photo: Amar Ujala


The attack by Hamas has shocked Israel. The country, surrounded by enemies on all sides, may have vowed to eliminate Hamas, but it faces more difficulties. In fact, after the Hamas attack, Israel started retaliating, in which many Hamas terrorists were killed. After this, Lebanon-based terrorist organization Hezbollah also carried out rocket attacks in Israel. Along with this, it has given open support to Hamas, which may further increase Israel’s problems. Let us know why Hezbollah is being discussed in the Israel-Hamas war? Is it Hezbollah? Where does this organization run from?

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