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His identity was hard music, also worked with Akshay Kumar; Where is Bollywood’s first female rapper missing today?

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Bollywood Rapper Hard Kaur: We are talking about Bollywood’s first female rapper Hard Kaur, whose power in her voice created a lot of uproar. He created such a stir with his very first song that he was talked about in the music industry for many years. But then after the sudden success, that phase of Hard Kaur’s career also came when she started moving away from the limelight and today no one knows where she has been for years.

First song came in 2007

Hard Kaur liked hip hot music from the beginning and her voice also had a lot of power. Therefore, Hard Kaur, living in England, learned the famous rap style there and then thought of making her mark in the same style. She came to Bollywood with this dream and created a stir by singing the first song Ek Glassy. It was a hit and the youth liked it a lot. Just because of this, he got a chance to sing in Johnny Gaddaar and his song Paisa Throw became a hit. Apart from this, all the songs of Hard Kaur were huge hits.

fall back

The bodice and hem were accompanied by controversy
At the same time, Hard Kaur also had a lot of controversy and was often seen surrounded in controversies. Sometimes he was accused of hurting religious sentiments and sometimes his controversial speeches kept him in the headlines. Because of this, his career graph gradually started falling down. Even the best songs stopped being made and after 2017, no one is interested in knowing where Hard Kaur is. Whereas Hard Kaur is almost missing from social media also. Even if he is discussed occasionally, it is only when his name is associated with some controversy. Well, his fans still miss his rap.

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