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How are children being cheated in Pakistan? Rackets work in a cunning manner – Pakistan scam with children entrance exam how rackets are working know tstsh

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You may have heard about adult fraud. They become victims of both offline and online frauds. But have you ever heard about the fraud that happens with children? Nowadays, criminals are taking advantage of the increasing problems regarding children. This is being seen a lot in Pakistan at present. You must have read such news when children commit suicide due to fear of getting low marks in exams. Now criminal organizations have started taking advantage of this very thing. A whole racket of copycats exists for this.

This is happening in many countries. Rich people even pay money to their children to get them passed. But children belonging to poor and middle class are left behind in the race for admission due to low marks. A surprising case has recently come to light from Pakistan. Here, 213 children were caught cheating during the admission test of Medical and Dental College. He was wearing invisible Bluetooth devices in his ears.

Guarantee of more than 90 percent marks

A gang from outside was telling the answers to these children. The surprising thing is that teachers were also included in the gang. According to media reports, the gang preys on children in coaching centres. They are told to give half the money before the exam and the other half after the exam. They guarantee to get more than 90 percent marks. When another gang was busted, it was revealed that the Peshawar court had withheld the results of the examination. This gang had taken Rs 20 lakh each from the children. Earlier, paper leaking was also considered normal. But it is quite surprising that all this happens during the examination.

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You can imagine yourself that after passing this way, when the children become doctors, engineers or lawyers, how will they work in the society. How will they cure patients and how strong buildings will they build? In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the families to stop putting pressure on their children to pass the examination.

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