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How Many Children Does Janelle Brown Have? An Update on the Brown Family

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Janelle Brown, a key figure in the reality TV show “Sister Wives,” is famous for being one of Kody Brown’s four wives. Together they have six children, who form a harmonious and lively family. This article provides an update on Janelle’s family life and the unique dynamic within the Brown family.

Kody Brown’s kids with every woman

In the Brown family, patriarch Kody Brown has a total of 18 children with his four wives. Each wife contributes to the family tapestry, creating a diverse and loving environment for their children to grow and thrive.

Janelle’s six children with Kody

Janelle Brown, on her way as Kody’s wife, is the proud mother of six beautiful children. Their names are Logan, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, Savanah and Maddie. Ranging in age from 15 to 29, each child brings their own unique personality and energy to the family.

Janelle’s daughter Maddie’s family

Among Janelle’s children, Maddie holds a special place. Now she is a mother herself, adding a new generation to the Brown family. Maddie’s journey into motherhood is a testament to the enduring bonds and traditions that define the Brown family.


The Brown family, with Janelle at its heart, is a testament to the power of love and unity in the face of life’s complexities. Their story is a reminder that family comes in many forms, and what ultimately matters is the support, care and lasting bonds that define their journey together.

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