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How Much Money Jeffrey Dahmer Made In Prison

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Unraveling the disturbing crimes of the Milwaukee cannibals

In the summer of 1991, notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, infamously known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal,” horrified the world when the extent of his gruesome crimes emerged. His heinous deeds included unspeakable acts like necrophilia, dismemberment and even cannibalism. Tragically, Dahmer’s reign of terror claimed the lives of 16 people before he was caught.

Shocking discoveries in Dahmer’s house of horrors

After an investigation, the police discovered Dahmer’s house of horrors after the daring escape of one of his victims, Tracy Edwards. Inside his apartment, authorities found body parts belonging to 11 victims, stored in cold places such as a refrigerator, a freezer and even vats of acid. Dahmer disturbingly preserved some body parts as ghostly mementos, admitting to unimaginable acts with corpses.

Dahmer’s trial and the fascination of the nation

In 1992, Americans were captivated by the televised trial of Dahmer, eager to understand the mind of the man responsible for such crimes. As the details of his 16 murders were revealed, an unusual phenomenon emerged – some individuals expressed sympathy for Dahmer, seeing him as a damaged soul who longed for love and connection, despite his monstrous deeds.

Incredible Fans – The Rise of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Fans

Despite being incarcerated at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, Dahmer found an unexpected source of support from fans around the world. Earning just 24 cents an hour for janitorial services, he received a whopping $12,000 in 1994 from dedicated letter writers. Astoundingly, individuals from different countries, including a woman in London, have contributed to his fund, highlighting the disturbing fascination with the criminal.

Loopholes – Unsolicited donations evade “Son of Sam” laws.

While the Son of Sam laws are intended to prevent criminals from profiting from their crimes, they do not apply to Dahmer’s unsolicited donations. These funds, intended for his personal use, caused controversy. Thomas Jacobson, a lawyer representing the victim’s family, denounced the donors as “a very sick group of people” and condemned the fact that Dahmer was not forced to share his earnings with the victims’ families.

Dahmer’s violent end behind bars

On the fateful morning of November 28, 1994, Dahmer met a gruesome fate in the prison’s gymnasium bathroom. Beaten by the inmates, he was found bleeding on the floor. An hour later, a chapter in Dahmer’s life was closed with his untimely death, leaving a horrific legacy and prompting reflection on the complex nature of humanity.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the man who terrorized the city found support from an incredible fan base, sparking debates about the ethics of financial contributions to notorious criminals. Dahmer’s life and crimes continue to occupy minds, leaving an indelible mark in the dark annals of criminal history.

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