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How much space is there for independent women in Pakistani society: Blog

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Amna Nawaz Khan, a women's rights activist, is also a classical dancer.

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Amna Nawaz Khan, a social activist associated with women’s rights, is also a classical dancer.

When I was leaving for London in 2001 to join the BBC’s Urdu service, my cousin, who was several years younger than me, was preparing to set up her own house.

My father had passed away but my mother had given me permission to go to London to fulfill my long-standing dream.

I was the first girl in my family who went out of the country on a work permit to work in such a big broadcasting house and that too before marriage.

They say, ‘The feet of the child are visible in the cradle’, the atmosphere of writing, reading and art in our house was such that it was as if the feet of the child were written in the cradle.

This post originally appeared on www.bbc.com

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