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‘I am trapped in 2027, there are no humans here…’, unique claim of ‘Time Traveller’ – self proclaimed Time traveler claims he last human alive after getting stuck in 2027 without human tstm

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Many such cases have come to light when someone has claimed to be a time traveller. Sometimes someone claimed to have come from 2050 and sometimes someone claimed that he came from 2030. Some even gave evidence. Every time these claims surprised people. The latest case is also similar.

‘I am the only person alive’

A mysterious man has claimed that he is a time traveler trapped in 2027. On TikTok, a person named Xavier with the ID @unicosobreviviente shared some videos in which he is roaming on the streets of Rome and Italy where there is a lot of crowd but in the video these streets are completely empty. At the same time, he is claiming that he has reached 2027 and he is realizing that he is the last person left alive in the world.

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‘Even after waking up early in the morning…’

People made many comments on the man’s video. Some people believed his words while others said that when you wake up early in the morning, you find the roads empty. In the video, the person first showed the clock in which it is 8.09 in the evening, but the roads are completely empty. Although parked cars are visible on the roadside but not a single human being.

‘He is completely fooling’

The video has since received over 98,000 likes and many TikTok users have called the video fake. One user said: “Record the next day at the same time and see if the same cars and motorcycles are there.” Another argued – He is the only survivor but there are other windows with lights, he is fooling.

The video was shared in 2021 also

Earlier on February 13, 2021, Xavier had shared a video in which he was in an empty clothing store. Although this shop in the Spanish city of Valencia was full of goods, there were no people around. Since her initial post, her followers had increased to 8.1 million.

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