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‘I have come from Pakistan to meet a friend…’, this was revealed during the interrogation of the girl found in the train – Girl come from Pakistan to meet Indian friend found in train know truth Railway Police interrogation Moradabad grp lclam

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A young man from UP met a girl in the train. The girl told that she was a resident of Karachi, Pakistan and had come to India to meet her friend. But here all his documents have been lost. The girl asked the young man for help, after which the young man took the girl to Moradabad GRP police station. The entire matter has been revealed during the interrogation here.

Actually, last Monday, Nikhil Sharma of Moradabad had found a minor girl in the Kathgodam Express train. His age is stated to be 17 years. The girl said that she was from Pakistan and had come from Karachi to meet her Indian friend. But here all his documents have been lost. He asked Nikhil for help. On which Nikhil brought him to Moradabad and handed him over to GRP.

GRP interrogating the young man

As soon as the name of Pakistan came, the security forces became active. Immediately the entire matter was informed to the concerned investigating agency. When the process of interrogation started, it was found that the girl was not from Pakistan but from Meerut. Her name is Bushra and she is mentally weak.

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During investigation, it was found that a missing report of the girl had also been lodged in Meerut. Ultimately the girl’s family was informed and she was handed over to them. CO GRP Devi Dayal said- The girl is a resident of Meerut and is a little mentally weak. Had left home 3 days ago. His missing report has been registered in Meerut police station. His brother and father had come. He told the whole thing. The girl had recognized him.

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