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If Iran Gets Directly Involved…: Expert Warns About Gaza War – If Iran Gets Directly Involved…: Expert Warns About Gaza War

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Bremer said, “It is very possible that Hezbollah could enter the fighting directly. It is much more capable militarily and has the support of Iran.”

He said that Israel’s ground attack on Gaza, which is impossible to stop, will have massive implications for the world. He said, “There is going to be a ground war. It is a bad idea for many reasons. It will kill huge numbers of Palestinian civilians. It will be done in a short period of time or without helping the Palestinians get out of there. There will be reactions all around.”

The conflict is not limited to Gaza

Is there a possibility of the Israel-Palestine conflict spreading to the regional level? On this question, Bremer said that, this is not the Third World War, but the idea that it is limited to within Gaza is “too much of a fantasy”.

Bremer said, “This is not a Third World War. Russia and China will not be directly involved in this war. But the idea that it will be limited to within Gaza is very imaginary.”

Violence can spread easily

The founder of Eurasia Group said, “We have already seen drone strikes against US military bases and equipment in the region. We have seen some skirmishes along Israel’s northern border with attacks by Hezbollah. Even some small incursions can turn into big ones.” “We have seen dozens of Palestinians killed in the West Bank. Israeli settlers have not yet joined that violence, but it could easily spread.”

Regarding the economic impact of the Israel-Gaza war, Bremer said it would be “negligible” unless Iran gets involved. “The Russian attack on Ukraine had massive economic impacts. In the case of Israel, it’s a small economy,” he said.

The world may face oil crisis due to war

He said that, if Iran gets directly involved in the war, it will have wide-ranging implications. Bremer said, “An attack on Iran could potentially lead to a major oil crisis that would send the world into recession.”

He said that this conflict is the second major foreign policy crisis for the Biden administration and it is a cause of great concern for America. This is a way for Joe Biden to impose himself on leaders he does not personally like or trust, such as Volodymyr Zelensky and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hamas attack created war situation

Israel has vowed to eliminate Hamas after the Palestinian group Hamas launched an unprecedented attack from the Gaza Strip on October 7. Hamas killed at least 1400 people in the attack. Most of these civilians were shot, mutilated or burned.

Israel is preparing a ground attack in response to Hamas. It has demolished entire city blocks in Gaza. He says that a ground attack is going to happen soon. The Hamas-run Health Ministry has said that 4,137 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli attack.

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