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‘If pardon is given, police will start punishing at the intersection’, Muslims were beaten in Gujarat, now policemen are punished

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You might still remember that incident in Kheda, Gujarat. The videos went viral. Some Muslim youth were tied up at the intersection and beaten by the police. Now i.e. on October 19 (Thursday), Gujarat High Court has pronounced the sentence in this case. The court found the four accused policemen guilty and sentenced them to 14 days’ imprisonment and also imposed a financial penalty of Rs 2000 on them. While giving the sentence, the High Court said that the action of the policemen is an insult to the Court of Law. And this kind of behavior of the police has caused mental torture to the victims. The court further said that if the accused policemen are forgiven, then more such cases will be seen in the coming days, then the policemen will start punishing people at the intersection. However, the court stayed its order for three months following a request by one of the convicts so that the verdict could be appealed in a higher court.

‘Acts against humanity’

According to the report of Indian Express, the bench of Justice AS Supehiya and Geeta Gopi of Gujarat High Court has given its verdict on the case. He termed the act of public beating by the police as “inhumane” and an “act against humanity”. He said that torturing or insulting someone can cause physical and emotional harm to that person. According to the court, arrested people also have the right to life. And this right also includes the right to live life with dignity. According to the court, this right of a person cannot be taken away after his arrest.

During this, the bench also spoke some words said by Mother Teresa. Said, “Human rights are not a privilege given by the government, they are the rights of every human being on the basis of humanity.” According to the court, the accused policemen in this case have harmed the human rights and dignity of the complainants. Watching the video, it seems that As if these policemen have been given the privilege to do so. According to the court, no one is allowed to spoil the dignity of a person in police custody.

During this, the court also said that the guardians of law and order i.e. the police should not infringe the freedom of any person, because their duty is to protect. The four policemen who have been sentenced by the court. Their names are AV Parmar, DB Kumawat, Kanak Singh Laxman Singh and Rameshbhai Dabhi.

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What happened that day in Undhela?

The incident of beating of people took place in Undhela village of Kheda district of Gujarat. Garba was organized in the village on the night of October 3, 2022. There is a temple of Tulja Bhavani near the venue. There is a madrasa right next to the temple. It is alleged that some people of the Madrasa refused to play Garba there. Despite this the Garba continued. The debate continued for a long time from both sides. Then some people allegedly started throwing stones from above the madrasa. 6 people were injured, including women. After the incident, an atmosphere of tension was created in the village. Some people from the Muslim community were accused of having started the stone pelting.

After the dispute, police were deployed in the village. Police arrested nine accused in this case. It is said that the police took all of them to the village. He was tied to a pillar and beaten with sticks. turn by turn. Meanwhile, the crowd present there kept raising slogans.

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Five people from the Malek family were also among those beaten. These people filed a petition in the Gujarat High Court. In this, 13 policemen were accused of beating. The allegation is also that by doing this he committed contempt of court. It was said in the petition that these policemen have violated the guidelines given by the Supreme Court in the case of DK Basu vs. Government of Bengal. In that case, it was said by the Supreme Court that proper procedure should be followed before arresting any person.

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