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Imlie Today’s 4th November 2023 Full Episode Written Update

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Title 1: Imlie’s special request for Agastya

In today’s episode of Imlie, we witnessed a heartfelt moment when Imlie made a special request to Agastya. She asked him to attend the pooja for the welfare of their family and her heartfelt plea touched our hearts.

Title 2: Sonali’s surprise visit

Another twist in the episode happened when Sonali suddenly visited Pallu’s residence. Her unexpected arrival startled Bulbul and Palla, and we couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

Title 3: Sweet family moment

Imlie, in her warm and loving way, shared a sweet moment with her family as she served them delicious Kulfi. Memories of Kunal and love for Kulfa brought tears to Daadi’s eyes, making this family moment truly touching.

Title 4: Agastya’s emotional response

Daadi’s mention of Kunal and his love for Kulfa evoked an emotional reaction from Agastya. He entered the house with tears in his eyes, and his emotions were palpable.

Title 5: Imlie’s Touching Gesture

Imlie, ever pensive, offered Agastya a bowl of Kulfi to console him. She assured him that it was even better than ice cream. This touching gesture showed the depth of their connection.

Title 6: The Mystery of Agasta’s Tears

As Agastya left after the emotional meeting, Imlie couldn’t help but wonder why he cried every time his family was mentioned. The mystery of Agastya’s tears added intrigue to this episode.

Title 7: Agastya’s Business Questions

Agastya discussed his business matters with his lawyer. He expressed the urgency of transferring the company’s shares to his name. This decision heralded a significant development in his professional life.

Title 8: Sonali’s cunning plans

Meanwhile, Sonali is seen sharing her plans with Alka. She encouraged Alka to focus on getting Agastya’s job back, and her devious intentions became more apparent.

Title 9: Imlie’s Painful Memories

Imlie couldn’t escape her painful memories of Sonala’s betrayal, Agastya’s mistreatment of Alka and Pallo’s unkindness towards her and Kaira during their childhood. Those memories haunted her throughout the episode.

Title 10: Agastja’s Apology

Agastya, realizing Imlia’s plight, offered her a scarf as an apology for his behavior in the past. This gesture of reconciliation brought a smile to their faces and showed their growing connection.

Title 11: Pooja at home

Amma conducted a traditional pooja at home, inviting Imlie to seek Maat’s blessings. The episode also revealed tensions between Daadi and Sonali as Sonali missed her in-laws’ pooja.

Title 12: Imlie’s new status

Alka couldn’t help but wonder if Imlia now held the key to the mansion and not Sonali. This new dynamic within the family foreshadowed further complications in the story.

Title 13: Imlie’s bhajan

In a touching moment, Imlie performed a bhajan during the ritual, showing her dedication and humility.

Title 14: The Truth Revealed

Sonali took a bold step and revealed the truth to Imlia’s impoverished family. This revelation promised more drama and twists in the upcoming episodes.

Title 15: Follow the news

Stay tuned for more updates as the story develops. The world of Imlia is full of surprises and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

In today’s episode of Imlie, emotions run high as Imlie makes a heartfelt plea to Agastya. Sonali’s surprise visit took unexpected turns and a sweet family moment was shared as Imlie served Kulfi to her family. Agastya’s emotional response and Imlie’s touching gesture touched our hearts.

The mystery of Agastya’s tears and his business concerns left us eager to know more about his professional life. Meanwhile, Sonali’s devious plans and Imlie’s painful memories foreshadow new drama. Agastya’s apology and family tensions during the pooja depicted the complex dynamics within the household.

Imlia’s new status within the family raised questions and her heartfelt bhajan during the ritual highlighted her devotion. The truth is revealed to Imlia’s family, promising further drama in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned for more updates as Imlie’s story continues to captivate us.

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