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Imlie Written Update 2nd October 2023: Today’s Episode

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In today’s episode of Imlia, we witnessed intense moments between Agastya and Imlia that left fans on the edge of their seats. Let’s immerse ourselves in exciting events!

Agastya’s determination Agastya was determined to know more about Imlie’s life, so he followed her closely. He wanted to see her phone, but she wasn’t ready to give it up. They found themselves looking into each other’s eyes, lost in the moment. In the middle of that relationship, they ended up falling on the bed that couldn’t support their weight and burst out laughing.

Unexpected interruption Just when things were getting cozy between Agastya and Imlia, their moment was interrupted by Bulbul and Pallo. This unexpected visit left them confused and they started explaining the situation, especially the broken bed and the puja going on in Agastya’s house. As Bulbul and Pallo walked out, Imlie couldn’t hide her displeasure.

Heartfelt confessions Agastya and Imlie engaged in a heart-to-heart talk about their relationship and their recent meeting. Agastya reveals that Imlie has been working in a pub to support her family, which surprises him. He also expressed his frustration with Amrita for not letting Imlie show him her phone. Agastya made it clear that financial situation should not be an excuse for wrongdoing.

Preparations for Puja At Agastya’s house, they were preparing for the pooja and Imlie was doing her best to fit in. She took a moment to apologize to Sonali for showing the damaged frame in her room. Sonali couldn’t help but tease Imlie about her acting skills and her worries about her bar footage being leaked.

Agastya’s new beginnings Agastya decided to move out of his house temporarily to work in a shop, preparing for the festival season. Imlie noticed a mistake in the rangoli sketch and started correcting it. As Agastya approached her, they began a playful exchange of words.

Deceptive twist He showed some footage to the mysterious man pretending to be Imlie Agastya. That’s why we wondered about the possible consequences. Meanwhile, Sonali asked Imlie for her home address.

Sweet gesture Imlie prepared a beautiful platter of goodies for Agastya, but he initially refused to attend the puja. However, he later agreed to leave for the sake of his family.

Challenges in love The episode highlighted the challenges that arise in romantic relationships and the importance of maintaining a strong relationship. Agastya warned Imlie not to try too hard to win over his family. He reminded her that he had already apologized to her, but that their differences were far from resolved. He stressed that Imlie must fulfill her purpose of being in their lives, as he planned to inform Daadi of his intention to divorce Imlie after the shares of the firm were transferred to his name.

Sonali’s arrival The episode ended with Sonali arriving at Pal’s residence, leaving us eager to see how the story unfolds.

In today’s episode of Imlia, we witnessed the ups and downs of Agastha and Imlia’s relationship. As their love grows, they face challenges and uncertainties. We can’t wait to see what happens next in this intriguing story of love, family and determination! Stay tuned for more exciting news in the world of Imlia.

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