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Impact of NDTV news: Police to question Kuber Group chief in Rolls-Royce car accident case

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Two of the three people on board the tanker, the driver and his assistant, died in the accident. The survivor in the tanker is undergoing treatment.

Haryana Police has called Malu for questioning after NDTV raised questions about the issues related to this accident. After reporting by NDTV, the police had to admit that Malu was in the 12 crore luxury car that hit the tanker. There have also been allegations of trying to hush up the matter. The sequence of events narrated by the police is different from the CCTV footage installed on the highway.

Haryana Police finally woke up to take action on Vikas Malu

Haryana Police has finally woken up to the action taken against Vikas Malu, MD of Kuber Group and has issued summons to him for questioning. People walking on the expressway are also demanding action against Vikas Malu. Malu’s speeding car hit the tanker on August 22, in which two people died. However, the police have not named anyone as an accused in the FIR.

Five days after this road accident, the Nuh police has called Vikas Malu, the controversial businessman and MD of Kuber Group, for questioning. In the summons sent to him, it has been said that as soon as he is discharged from the hospital, he should join the inquiry and investigation. Vikas Malu is admitted in a hospital in Gurugram.

It is not clear when Malu will be discharged from the hospital.

Vikas Malu is hospitalized since 22 August. No statement has been issued from the hospital regarding his health. In such a situation, nothing is clear about when he will be discharged from the hospital and when he will join the investigation.

On August 22, at around 11:30 am on the expressway, Vikas Malu’s high speed Rolls Royce Phantom car hit a tanker taking a U-turn. Even before the car caught fire, Vikas had taken Malu to the hospital in other vehicles of his bouncer convoy. While two people including the driver of the tanker were killed and one person was injured in the accident.

the speed of the car was too high

Mulin Yadav was in another vehicle behind the tanker at the time of the accident. A case was registered on Mullin’s complaint but the police filed an FIR against unknown people. According to Munil, the speed of the car was very high.

NDTV asked Mulin Yadav, will you tell a little bit about what happened? On this Yadav said, “A tanker is running with us and there is a miller vehicle TM from behind, which contains concrete.” I was driving it. The diesel tanker belonged to my company. He was walking 500 meters ahead of me. We have road construction work. In that Rampreet was the driver and Kuldeep was the supervisor who used to deliver diesel. There was a helper, his name was Gautam. There is a cut in the middle of the highway to go around. When I reached near the cut, the distance between me and him was 300 meters. He was about to roam around with his indicator lit. His speed had become around 20-25. When I looked back, a convoy of Range Rover (Rolls Royce) was coming and there were 10-15 vehicles behind it. The speed of Range Rover was above 200. It was so terrible that don’t ask. The front wheel of the tanker went 50 meters ahead and fell.

speed limit violation on expressway

NDTV team went to the expressway on Sunday morning and found the speed of the vehicles passing through it very high. Vehicles were passing at full speed here, while the maximum speed for cars on the expressway is 120 kilometers per hour. Many such people were found on the expressway who consider excessive speed and negligence as the reason behind the accidents.

According to Vikas Malu’s lawyer, at the time of the accident, his driver was driving the picture car, which was doing a test drive on the way to Jaipur. Now it will be clear in the investigation that who was driving the car and what action is taken by the police on it.

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