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In Japan The Number Of Elderly People Aged 80 Years And Above Is 10 Percent Of The Population

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Japan Population Over 80: Japan always remains in the headlines regarding the population of elderly people living in its country. Compared to other countries in the world, the largest number of elderly people live here, but a report has revealed that more than 10 percent of the population in the country is elderly people aged 80 years or older.

According to CNN report, new official data has shown that more than 10 percent of Japanese people have crossed the age of 80 or older for the first time. At the same time, in Japan the number of people aged 65 years or older has increased to 29.1 percent. Japan’s Home Ministry has confirmed this in its report.

Italy ranks second in terms of the number of people aged 65 years or older. The number of people of this age group here is 24.5 percent. At the same time, Finland is in third place. Where the number of people in this age group is 23.6 percent.

Japan has the highest population of elderly people

“Japan has the highest percentage of elderly population in the world,” the ministry said in a press release. Let us tell you that for decades, Japan has seen its population decreasing and aging. Actually, the reason being given behind this is that the youth of the country are delaying marriage and children due to unstable jobs and economic difficulties, due to which the population of the country is not increasing. At present, continuous efforts are being made to increase the birth rate in Japan, but its effect does not seem to be visible on the ground.

One in 7 workers is elderly

A report has claimed that by 2040 the elderly population in Japan will reach 34.8 percent. Let us tell you that last year the number of babies born in Japan was recorded at less than 800,000. According to the report, more than nine million elderly people are working in Japan, which is 13.6 percent of the total workforce. That means one out of seven workers in Japan is an elderly worker.

Just under a quarter of all elders in Japan have jobs, less than South Korea’s 36.2 percent, but well ahead of other developing countries such as the US at 18.6 percent and France at 3.9 percent.

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