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In Risky Hunt for Secrets, US and China Expand Global Spy Operations | Keep an eye on the thinking and military capabilities of the leaders; Created a high level system to gather information about each other

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The picture is of Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden.  (File) - Dainik Bhaskar

The picture is of Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden. (file)

US intelligence agencies have found out that President Xi Jin Ping had no prior information about the Chinese spy balloon that landed near the American coast in February. He had also expressed anger at senior army generals on this.

Xi is not against risky espionage operations against the US. But, when he realized that the balloon scandal would affect his talks with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, he pulled up the senior generals.

The incident highlights the extent of the covert espionage competition between the US and China. The balloon crisis highlights China’s brazen and aggressive espionage efforts against the US. At the same time, America’s increasing ability to gather information regarding China is also revealed.

President Joe Biden thinks that China can become the biggest challenge to America’s power in the long run. Therefore they want to overcome its military and technical capabilities. On the other hand, the audacity of Chinese intelligence agencies is part of Xi’s plan. He has adopted an aggressive stance on the country’s borders.

The US Air Force shot down a Chinese spy balloon on February 5.  American sailors removing her debris from the sea.

The US Air Force shot down a Chinese spy balloon on February 5. American sailors removing her debris from the sea.

Intelligence agency instructed to be more active around the world
China and America have instructed their intelligence agencies to become active around the world. There are two main reasons for this

1. What are the intentions of the leaders of the rival country?

2 What kind of military and technical capabilities do they have?

Regarding the espionage operation, most US officials say that the CIA’s focus is on China’s intentions regarding Taiwan. The FBI has focused attention on exploring Chinese efforts to recruit spies inside the US. American agents have detected dozens of infiltrations of Chinese citizens into military bases on American soil in the last one year. Both countries are rapidly developing their Artificial Intelligence technology. This will not only maintain military and economic supremacy but will give a new edge to their intelligence agencies.

American officials say, China keeps an eye on every aspect of national security, diplomacy and modern commercial technology of America and its allies. The CIA and the Pentagon’s intelligence agency have created new centers focusing on China’s espionage. The ability to search electronic messages has been improved. The movement of spy planes has increased near China’s maritime border. FBI Director Christopher Wray says the espionage conflict with China is more widespread than the conflict between the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

China’s satellite, cyber system most important
American officials say, China’s satellite surveillance system and cyber attacks are the most important means of gathering intelligence information. China has prepared a new system of spying from the sky through spy balloons. The US government is repeatedly warning allied countries that if they use the technology of Chinese communication companies, China’s electronic espionage capabilities will increase.

Attempts to infiltrate the US government US officials are more concerned about Chinese agencies gathering information through personal contacts. China’s main intelligence agency – the Ministry of State Security – wants to recruit agents in the US government. Its aim is also to infiltrate technology companies and defense industry. Chinese agents use social media sites, especially Linked In, to lure people.

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