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Incident in New York: Jewish woman assaulted while posters about the Israeli situation were being torn down.

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In a recent incident in New York’s Upper West Side, a 41-year-old Jewish woman faced an attack when she confronted two women who were tearing down posters depicting Israelis kidnapped by Hamas. The disturbing event took place around 10pm near Riverside Drive and West 82nd Street on Thursday.

Suspects at large:

The NYPD is actively searching for two suspects involved in the attack. Described as about 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing about 135 pounds each, with tan skin and black hair, the individuals were last seen wearing dark clothing. One of the suspects stands out with an earring in his nose.

Anti-Semitic acts are exposed:

The attack is part of a worrying trend of anti-Semitic acts, with perpetrators deliberately removing or damaging posters featuring Israelis hijacked by Hamas. The posters, distributed around the city since the surprise attack by Hamas on October 7, have caused heightened tension.

The mayor’s verdict:

Mayor Eric Adams strongly condemned these actions, calling them “a deeply wrong act of disrespect for the victims of terrorism.” Public outcry against such anti-Semitic acts has been widespread, but despite this, anti-Israel protesters persist in tearing down these posters, leading to recent arrests.

Growing frustration:

Many New Yorkers are increasingly frustrated with this growing trend. Some see these actions not only as crimes, but as a fundamental lack of respect and malignancy. The ongoing incidents are cause for concern, highlighting the need for increased awareness and constructive dialogue around anti-Semitism.

Call for unity and respect:

The recent attack and continued removal of posters featuring Israelis hijacked by Hamas highlight the wider issue of anti-Semitic acts. Mayor Eric Adams condemned these actions, calling on the community to unite against such hatred and promote understanding and respect among all individuals.

Community participation:

In order to address and prevent such incidents, community members are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or provide relevant information to the NYPD. It is vital that everyone plays a role in assisting the investigation and ensuring that justice prevails.

Efforts to combat anti-Semitism:

Various organizations and social groups work together to educate the public, promote understanding and combat anti-Semitism in all its forms. These initiatives aim to raise awareness and foster an environment of respect and tolerance.


The attack on a Jewish individual on the Upper West Side is a stark reminder of the persistence of anti-Semitic acts in the city. Ongoing efforts by law enforcement and communities emphasize the collective responsibility to stand up to hate, promoting a society where diverse perspectives and beliefs are respected. Stay informed and get involved in creating a safer, more understanding community.

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