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India-Pakistan match disappointed, such situation had never come before

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Edited By Parveen KumarUpdated: Sep 02, 2023 10:31 PM

india pakistan match disappointed

India has given a target of 267 runs to win Pakistan in the third match of Asia Cup 2023. Like every time, this time again people’s eyes are fixed on this match.

National Desk: The match played between India and Pakistan was canceled due to rain. Due to which both the teams have been awarded one point each. Let us tell you that in the important match of the Asia Cup, the Indian cricket team had given a target of 267 runs in 48.5 overs while batting first against Pakistan. Like every time, this time again people’s eyes are fixed on this match. Whenever these teams come in front of each other, the ground is often seen full of fans, but this time when these two teams came in front of each other in the Asia Cup match in Kandy, there was a shocking scene to see.

It has happened for the first time in an India-Pakistan match that many parts of the stadium were empty. During the match, the fans in the stadium were waving the flags of both the countries, encouraging the players with applause, but this time the number was not even, as is seen in the India-Pakistan match. There were many vacant seats in the stands and grassy (without stands) stands, which is not usually seen during an Indo-Pak cricket match.

Officer looked very disappointed

The sale of tickets was going on in Colombo since yesterday evening. There weren’t many takers for the high-priced tickets in the Grand Stand. Initially the minimum price of tickets was US$20 (about 6400 Sri Lankan Rupees), but later it was reduced to 1500 Sri Lankan Rupees. Along with this, it was reduced to 2560 Sri Lankan rupees for buying tickets for both the matches involving Pakistan and Nepal of the Indian team.

The lower-than-expected fan turnout has also disappointed hoteliers and tour operators. Rooms were available in almost all the hotels. On the other hand, the situation however is completely different regarding the World Cup match between India and Pakistan in Ahmedabad. There the fares of hotels and plane tickets have increased considerably. The owner of the group that operates several hotels in Sri Lanka said that we were preparing for a large crowd of fans.

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