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India will be ‘played’ in Bihar, will Nitish Kumar be the hit wicket before the Lok Sabha elections? – india opposition parties will form separate front nitish kumar will hit wicket before elections

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There are no less obstacles in the way of the purpose for which the opposition parties formed the opposition alliance INDIA. There are many parties like BSP, AIMIM, VIP and Jan Adhikar Party, which seem to make the success of the opposition alliance doubtful. BRS and BJD have nothing to do with any alliance.


  • Another front can be formed for Lok Sabha elections in Bihar
  • AIMIM, VIP, JAP and BSP are preparing to contest elections together.
  • CPM and Congress are against coordination with TMC in Bengal
  • Nitish Kumar’s JDU is with INDIA, but is not able to agree

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The coordination of parties in the opposition alliance has been changing

Patna: Parties like Mayawati’s BSP in UP, KC Rao’s BRS in Telangana, CPM in Bengal, BJD in Odisha, Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM, JMM in Jharkhand, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party and Nitish Kumar’s JDU in Bihar will never take any decision. Can take. There are many parties among them, which have neither got a place in NDA nor in ‘India’. Even among those who are associated with one of the two camps, some parties are not happy with the coordination for various reasons. In Bengal, CPM and Congress are not ready to go with TMC, while Nitish Kumar’s party JDU has been selfishly aligning with someone from the beginning till now and has been changing partners when it gets bored. That means the path of opposition alliance India does not look easy.

Opposition parties outside India will form a separate front in Bihar

There is talk that Pappu Yadav’s Jan Adhikar Party (JAP), Mukesh Sahni’s VIP, Mayawati’s BSP and Owaisi’s AIMIM will form a separate alliance for the Lok Sabha elections in Bihar. However, these parties have used this type of experiment in the previous elections in Bihar. If this happens then their role in the division of opposition votes will be in favor of NDA. If this happens, the distribution of India’s votes will help the NDA. Pappu Yadav had earlier tried to ensure that his party also gets a place in the opposition alliance. Owaisi is also sad that no one even asked his party in the opposition alliance. Despite speculations about Mukesh Sahni joining NDA, Nishad is on a journey to strengthen his ground for the demand of reservation. In the context of Bihar, Owaisi’s party becomes important because five of its MLAs were elected in the 2020 assembly elections. However, four of them later sided with RJD. Owaisi may also be angry about this matter. Therefore, they will leave no stone unturned to spoil the game of the opposition alliance in the Lok Sabha elections.

CPM and Congress against coordination with TMC in Bengal

Congress and CPM, favoring opposition unity in the country, do not want many compromises with TMC in West Bengal. Why both are so angry with TMC can be understood only from the fact that when their common candidate won on Sagardigi assembly seat, TMC took him to its side. More than 50 people were killed in the Panchayat elections, mostly supporters of Congress and Left besides BJP. The third reason is that Mamata Banerjee wants to settle them by giving one or two seats in case of coordination. According to a reliable source of TMC, the party has set a target of winning 30 Lok Sabha seats. Therefore TMC wants to give only two seats to Left and Congress. CPM has already started staying away from the meetings of the opposition’s Coordination Committee.

Nitish will not accept the decision against his wishes

Nitish Kumar may have laid the foundation of opposition unity in the beginning, but now he has started remaining divided. Nitish never speaks when he is angry, but he also gives a shock when the situation is not as per his wish. The first feeling of his displeasure was felt on the same day, when despite going to Bengaluru by chartered plane, he returned to Patna without attending the press conference citing lack of time. His coming and going with BJP and RJD has also been due to similar reasons. How insistent he is now about the opposition alliance can be gauged from the fact that he denied any information about the decision of the Coordination Committee of Media Boycott. He also clarified that he is in favor of media freedom. Nitish’s anger may be that he gave up the claim for the post of PM to unite the opposition, but yearned for the post of a coordinator. However, in talks he still appears to be in favor of the opposition alliance.

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