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‘India will get 100 percent permanent seat in UN Security Council’, Jaishankar said – but it is not easy…

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New Delhi. Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said that India will definitely get a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), but it will not be easy. There are many countries who do not want to see India getting a permanent seat. Jaishankar, who reached Australia to participate in the two-day Indian Ocean Conference, said on Saturday that when he travels around the world, he sees changes, how differently the world is now looking at India. I am also 100 percent sure of India getting a permanent seat in the UNSC.

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said that we will reach there but honestly speaking we will not be able to achieve it easily because the world is full of competition. Without naming any country, Jaishankar said that some people will try to stop us. All kinds of obstacles will be created to make our path difficult. India’s Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that I am more confident today than five years or ten years ago. I hear from people all over the world that India is becoming stronger. Our situation in the world is changing.

Domination of some countries in the world
Jaishankar said that today India is trustworthy and respected. There are many countries who want to see us permanently in the UNSC. He said that there are many issues in which the interests of many are involved but the global discussion is dominated by a few people. Jaishankar said that ‘It could be about the energy crisis, there is a debt situation in many countries today. It could be about culture and heritage because no one wants to be overwhelmed by others’ culture.

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Permanent member has the power of ‘veto’
Jaishankar said that India has consistently performed well in many elections held in various bodies of the United Nations. The Foreign Minister said that ‘we performed better in those elections than the five countries which are already permanent members of the Security Council.’ He said that India will be a bigger economy and will have a greater impact on the world. Our time is coming, you know, but we have to work for it. It is noteworthy that at present there are five permanent members of UNSC – China, France, Russia, Britain and America. Only the permanent member has the power to ‘veto’ any proposal.


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