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Indian people can visit these beautiful countries without visa, check the list…

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Visa: For your information, let us tell you that recently Henley Passport Ranking has given India 80th position. With this, people of India can visit a total of 57 countries without visa. There are many countries which have the facility of visa on arrival. Therefore, if you are also planning to travel somewhere abroad, then you can easily visit these countries without a visa. We are going to tell you about five tourist destinations included in this list.

Bhutan : Bhutan is also a beautiful hill country situated in the north-east of India, where people keep coming to visit. Bhutan is famous for its beautiful valleys. Apart from this, it also gets the top position in this World Happiness Index. If you want, you can visit Bhutan without a visa.

Indonesia : Indonesia, a south-eastern country called the Third World, is one of the most beautiful views of nature. Indonesia includes beautiful valleys with beaches, mountains and forests. Here also you do not need a visa to go.

Maldives: This tourist destination is most liked by film stars and some actor or actress keeps coming here to visit. In India’s neighboring southern country Maldives, you can see beautiful beaches without a visa.

Thailand : Thailand is also considered to be one of the most favorite tourist destinations of Indian tourists. You do not need a visa to visit Thailand, the south-eastern country of India. If you want, you can roam here at very low cost.

Sri Lanka : Tourism boosts the economy in Sri Lanka and the government here also keeps attracting people to visit. Apart from this, he also keeps giving many special offers. If you want, you can go here for honeymoon or holidays without visa.

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