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Inside The Texas Blue Dog Sightings

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The article discusses Texas Blue Dog sightings, focusing specifically on the Blue Lacy breed and the alleged chupacabra-like cryptid creature. Here’s the summary:

Blue lace:

    • The Blue Lacy is the state dog of Texas, bred in the mid-1800s from coyotes and hounds for livestock purposes.
    • It is an elegant and striking breed, not widely known and different from other blue items such as the bluebonnet flower.

Texas Blue Dog Cryptid:

    • dr. Phylis Canion, a rancher/nutritionist in Cuero County, claimed to have seen a bluish, hairless dog-like creature on her property in 2007.
    • The chupacabra-like creature was said to suck blood from her goats, chickens and other livestock.
    • Canion’s story gained attention through an episode of “The Unexplained Files” on the Science Channel.
    • Officer Brandon Reidel, investigating the complaint, captured the creature on his dash cam, describing it as unlike anything he had seen.
    • Similar creatures have been reported in East Texas and Oklahoma, often seen at dawn and dusk, common hunting times for wild dogs.

Investigation and findings:

    • Despite efforts to capture the creature on camera, it remained elusive for months.
    • Eventually, one of Canyon’s neighbors found a dead Texas Bluehound-like creature on the side of the road.
    • Canion dissected it and handed it over to Dr. Michael Forstner, a professor in the Department of Biology at Texas State University-San Marcos.
    • The creature had an unusually large bite, blue-gray skin, coarse sparse hair, and deep blue eyes.
    • DNA analysis showed with 97 percent certainty that it was a coyote.
    • The term “Texas Blue Dog” did not exist before these events and has not been discussed since.

In conclusion, the alleged Texas blue dog, which was initially thought to be a cryptid, was later identified by DNA analysis as a coyote. The story attracted attention, but was eventually debunked, confirming that the only recognized blue dogs in Texas are Blue Lacys.

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