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Iran Stops UN Atomic Agency Officials From Inspecting Nuclear Program | Iran said- America and western countries are taking political advantage of us to serve their own interests.

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The United Nations Atomic Agency has claimed that Iran stopped its officials from taking stock of its nuclear program. International Atomic Agency Chief Rafael Grossi has criticized this action of Iran.

He said that Iran has asked that the agency recall the officials investigating the nuclear program. By doing this, Iran has removed one-third of the officials involved in investigating the program from their work.

At the same time, Iran said that America and western countries are using the nuclear agency against them. Iran’s Foreign Ministry said that America, Britain, France and Germany are taking political advantage of us to pursue their personal interests. That’s why we had to take this step.

The picture is of Rafael Grossi, Chief of the UN Atomic Agency IAEA. (file photo)

Western sanctions on Iran
The reason for preventing the review of Iran’s nuclear program is due to the sanctions imposed by Western countries. Britain, France and Germany said on Thursday that sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear program and ballistic missile production will remain in place. Angered by this, Iran stopped the work of the UN Atomic Agency. Britain, France and Germany said the sanctions would remain in place until Tehran fully complied with the deal.

In fact, eight years ago, Iran had a deal with America and Western countries to stop its nuclear program. After this, all the sanctions imposed on Iran were to end on 18 October. Iran’s economic activities are restricted due to Western sanctions. Recently, Pakistan also canceled a project with Iran. Iran had invested a lot of money on this.

The picture is from 2015, when Iran had signed a nuclear deal with western countries including China and Russia.

What is that nuclear deal whose cancellation led to American sanctions on Iran?
In 2015, Iran signed a nuclear deal with China, France, Russia, Britain, Germany and the US. This agreement was reached because the Western countries feared that Iran could make nuclear weapons or that it could become a country which may not have nuclear weapons, but has all the capabilities to make them and can use them at any time.

Through the nuclear deal with Iran, its research program to increase nuclear capacity was significantly controlled. Iran was brought under international surveillance through the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which emphasizes the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. In return, economic sanctions imposed on Iran due to its nuclear program were lifted.

However, on May 8, 2018, then President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Iran Nuclear Deal agreement. America started imposing sanctions on Iran again from 2019.

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