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Is Eddie from Below Deck still with his girlfriend?

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As the final season of Below Deck unfolds, fans want to know more about Eddie Lucas’ romantic journey. The experienced crew member faced a difficult situation when Captain Lee Rosbach had to retire from the yacht this season, leaving Eddie in the main.

Eddie’s previous love story

In Season 3, viewers were able to see Eddie’s girlfriend, known as Amy, who hails from Baltimore, Maryland. The two explored the world together, creating an image of romance before the season aired. Their relationship withstood the challenges of long distance while Eddie fulfilled his duties on the ship.

Turbulence in romance

Despite their initial relationship, Eddie and Amy’s story took a turn for the worse. When confronted about his engagement to third stew Rocky Dakota during Season 3, Eddie confirmed that he and Amy had split up. He said: “It ended worse than ever.” His actions during that season weighed heavily on his conscience, and he sought to redefine himself in the eyes of the audience.

AND A new chapter begins

In a recent episode, Eddie revealed that he has embarked on a new romantic journey. During a candid phone conversation aired on the show, he affectionately called his new partner “honey bunny.” Turning 36 seemed to mark a turning point for Eddie, as he expressed a newfound commitment to taking life more seriously, including his career.

A look at Eddie’s journey

Eddie’s Instagram feed offers a glimpse into his blossoming relationship. Although he did not tag his “wonderful wife” in the post, it is evident that she played a significant role in his life, especially during his search for a new home.

As the current season of Below Deck unfolds, fans can witness Eddie embrace this new chapter in his personal life alongside his professional responsibilities. The journey of love and self-discovery continues for this Below Deck star.

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