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“Is Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch fake? Some audiences are sceptical

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Discovery Channel’s captivating series, Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, has been a topic of discussion lately. Some viewers doubt its authenticity. We dive into the claims and explore the reality behind this exciting show.

Uncovering Legends: Duane and Chad’s Quest:

The series, which premiered on January 2, 2021, chronicles the journey of Duane Ollinger and his son Chad. Their search leads them to the Blind Frog Ranch, a sprawling 160-acre property in Utah. Convinced of hidden treasures underground, the Ollinger family spared no time in embarking on their adventure.

A legacy of mystery and intrigue:

Shrouded in stories of paranormal encounters and urban legends, the Blind Frog Ranch has long been a subject of fascination. Whispers of Spanish conquistadors digging for gold and even rumors of a buried spaceship weaved a tapestry of mystery around the land. However, the locals believe in an ancient curse, which casts doubt on Duane’s pursuit of wealth.

Separating fact from fiction: Is it staged?

While the producers of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch confirm the show’s authenticity, skeptics on Reddit suggest a different narrative. Some question certain discoveries, such as a nugget and a Spanish coin found in the immediate vicinity. These discussions have garnered more than 100 comments, showing the curiosity of the audience.

Duane Ollinger’s Perspective: A Risk Worth Taking:

Duane, the driving force behind the venture, shared his initial reservations about turning his quest into a series. Having committed himself to this venture after selling his home and business, he hesitated. However, the approach presented by the Discovery Channel convinced him of the venture’s potential.

Believing in legends: Aztec gold or Spanish wealth:

Duane’s faith in local legends is unwavering. He favors the possibility of discovering Aztec or Spanish gold. Satellite scans yielded intriguing data, cementing his belief that there was treasure beneath.

Weight of expectations:

The Ollinger family invests considerable time and effort in their search. The thought of discovering nothing looms as a potential disappointment. Their commitment to the project raises the stakes, emphasizing emotional investment in the outcome.


The Mystery at the Blind Frog Ranch intertwines a story of adventure, legend and the search for hidden treasure. Although speculation remains as to its authenticity, Duane Ollinger’s unwavering conviction fuels this fascinating journey. As the series unfolds, viewers are on the edge of their seats, eager to witness the unraveling of the mysterious secrets of the Blind Frog Ranch.

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