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Ishaan Khattar’s alleged girlfriend Chandni finally came in front of the camera, know who this lady is.

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Ishaan Khattar is seen for the first time with the girl who is said to be his girlfriend. Apart from his professional life, a latest video of Ishaan, who is often in the news for his personal life, is going viral on social media. In this video he is seen with his alleged girlfriend Chandni Benz. This alleged girlfriend of his was being discussed for a long time but till now no glimpse had been revealed.

Last night, one such video of Ishaan Khattar has surfaced, seeing which people are assuming that this is the one with whom Ishaan is having an affair these days. Ishaan had gone on a dinner date with Chandni where both of them were captured in a very beautiful style on camera. Actually, Ishaan was keeping her away from limelight till now.

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Ishaan Khattar was seen holding Chandni’s hand

This time it was not possible because he was surrounded by paparazzi from all sides. As soon as Ishaan came out after having dinner with Chandni, all the cameras turned towards him. However, Ishaan handled the occasion brilliantly and brought Chandni in front of the camera holding her hand. This scene was similar to the one when Hrithik Roshan was seen in front of the camera with Saba Azad for the first time.

Ishaan held her hand and made her sit in the car

First, Ishaan made Chandni sit inside the car holding her hand and then went a little apart and posed for the paparazzi separately. After this he went around to the other side of the car and sat on the seat near Chandni. His fans are very happy to see Ishaan with this girl. Many people also want to know who this girl is. Let us know who Chandni is.

Chandni is a Malaysian model

Chandni is a model from Malaysia. Even before this, she had been seen with Ishaan many times but her face could never be captured on camera. Chandni looked very shy in front of the camera and during this time Ishaan also looked very protective about Chandni.

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